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PRESS RELEASE: The Battle for Heaven Begins in "Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire" #1!

ECCC: Heaven's on Fire for Ghost Rider

ECCC: Heaven's on Fire for Ghost Rider

The curtain rises on the final act of Jason Aaron's two-year Ghost Rider saga with “Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire." CBR spoke with Aaron about the six-issue miniseries, which reunites him with Roland Boschi.

Marvel Comics On Sale February 18th, 2009

Marvel Comics On Sale February 18th, 2009

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Ghost Rider" #32, "Guardians of the Galaxy" #10, "Spider-Man: Noir" #3, "Uncanny X-Men" #506 and more.

When Words Collide - 12/17/2008

When Words Collide - 12/17/2008

After last week's When Words Collide look at collected editions, this week Tim turns his attention to the best original material of the year, and starts counting down his personal picks for the Top Twenty Comic Books of 2008.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Brings on the Bad Guys with variant covers in December

PRESS RELEASE: It's Blaze VS Ketch in "Ghost Rider" #29

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel reveals Danny Ketch's secret - Advance Preview

PRESS RELEASE: Danny Ketch returns in "Ghost Rider" #26

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel releases Monkey Variants this September

WW Chicago: Spurrier on âDanny Ketch: Ghost Riderâ

WW Chicago: Spurrier on “Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider”

In October's “Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider,” Simon Spurrier and artist Javier Saltares reveal the title character as more than the villain he currently appears to be. We spoke with Spurrier.

WW Chicago: Blaze Vs. Ketch: Aaron on "Ghost Rider"

WW Chicago: Blaze Vs. Ketch: Aaron on "Ghost Rider"

"Ghost Rider" will see Johnny Blaze's mission of vengeance against Zadkiel get even more personal as Blaze faces off against his own brother, Danny Ketch. Jason Aaron gave us the details.

PRESS RELEASE: Mark Texiera offering 3 new prints at HeroesCon

Aaron talks âGhost Riderâ Revelations

Aaron talks “Ghost Rider” Revelations

A major figure of the Ghost Rider mythos returns in the pages of “Ghost Rider” #23, on sale now. CBR News spoke with writer Jason Aaron about the issue and what’s coming next. SPOILER ALERT!

Mercy Rule: Spurrier talks âGhost Rider Annualâ #2

Mercy Rule: Spurrier talks “Ghost Rider Annual” #2

In August’s “Ghost Rider Annual” #2, Johnny Blaze’s quest for vengeance sends him to the eerie little town of Mercy, Idaho, and into the middle of a macabre mystery. CBR spoke with writer Simon Spurrier about the book.

PRESS RELEASE: "Ghost Rider" #23 features surprise return of ???