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The Buy Pile - 5/21/2009

The Buy Pile - 5/21/2009

In a winning week, Rick Remender throws down the gauntlet with two comics making the jump, leading off a week rife with menacing mechanoids, simians everywhere and the return of Super Young Team.

Rick Remender Talks âGiganticâ

Rick Remender Talks “Gigantic”

CBR talks to writer Rick Remender about “Gigantic,” the new Eric Nguyen-drawn series from Dark Horse that puts the planet Earth at the mercy of giant robots in a ratings war with millions of other reality TV channels.

CBR Week In Reviews

CBR Week In Reviews

The CBR Reviews team was certainly busy this past week, with 17 different books reviewed. “Ultimate Spider-Man Annual” #1, “Gigantic” #1, “Sandman: The Dream Hunters” #1 and “Fishtown” all received 4.5 star ratings.

The Ultimate Gladiator: Remender talks âGiganticâ

The Ultimate Gladiator: Remender talks “Gigantic”

Writer Rick Remender is re-teaming with “Strange Girl” co-creator Eric Nguyen for Dark Horse’s “Gigantic,” a twist on “The Truman Show” with a dash of giant robots, giant monsters, and ‘50s sci-fi kitsch.