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Faith Erin Hicks on

Faith Erin Hicks on "Band Camp," Wolverine & More

Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks talks to CBR about “Brain Camp,” just out from First Second Books, as well as her Wolverine and Nextwave stories for Marvel Comics.

SHE HAS NO HEAD: Schaefer & Sankovitch On

SHE HAS NO HEAD: Schaefer & Sankovitch On "Girl Comics"

Jeanine Schaefer and Lauren Sankovitch, the editors behind Marvel's recently concluded "Girl Comics," spoke with Kelly Thompson about the series, their favorite bits and the possibility of more.

DeConnick On

DeConnick On "Sif," "Rescue" and "Girl Comics"

This spring, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick shines the spotlight on three of Marvel's female characters with the one-shots "Sif" and "Rescue" and short story featuring Satana in issue #3 of "Girl Comics."

Marvel Comics On Sale March 3, 2010

Marvel Comics On Sale March 3, 2010

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale Wednesday, March 3, including "Invincible Iron Man" #24, "New Ultimates" #1, and extended previews of "Girl Comics" #1 and "Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way" #1!

Jeanine Schaefer on

Jeanine Schaefer on "Girl Comics"

With "Girl Comics," Marvel fans will be given the chance to see some of their favorite characters as depicted by some of the best female creators working today. We spoke with editor Jeanine Schaefer about the project.

D'Orazio Double Taps the Punisher

D'Orazio Double Taps the Punisher

In March, writer Valerie D'Orazio gives readers two very different Punisher tales - a brutal crime story in the MAX one-shot “Butterfly” and a short story in “Girl Comics” #1 set in the Marvel U. CBR spoke with her about both projects.