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Doyle Promises a Batman

Doyle Promises a Batman "For Every Fan"

Batman Group Editor Mark Doyle discusses his first year on the job, the myriad creative changes under his watch and his vision for the Bat family books.

REVIEW: Fawkes and Templesmith's

REVIEW: Fawkes and Templesmith's "Gotham by Midnight" #1

Ray Fawkes & Ben Templesmith's "Gotham by Midnight" #1 combines supernatural & procedural for "another strong new series for the Batman family of titles."

EXCLUSIVE: Sorrentino's

EXCLUSIVE: Sorrentino's "Gotham By Midnight" #1, Romita Jr.'s "Superman" #36 Variants

CBR has the exclusive first look at variants by Andrea Sorrentino for "Gotham By Midnight" #1 and John Romita Jr. for "Superman" #36.

Fawkes Investigates

Fawkes Investigates "Gotham By Midnight" with Jim Corrigan

Long-time Spectre fan Ray Fawkes shared names and details about Jim Corrigan's team in "Gotham By Midnight," and teased roles for Batman & Batwing.

For Batman's 75th, the Line Breaks Free of the New 52 Mold

For Batman's 75th, the Line Breaks Free of the New 52 Mold

With the big changes for "Batgirl" and the new Bat-titles, DC's books are branching out in different directions -- and reaching out for new readers.

Fawkes, Templesmith Bring Horror to

Fawkes, Templesmith Bring Horror to "Gotham By Midnight"

Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith are set to bring horror back to DC Comics with "Gotham By Midnight" in November.