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"Arrow" Stunt Team Swings into Action with Two Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

The "Arrow" stunt team gives their insight on a few fight scenes, including Oliver and company's conflicts against Captain Boomerang and Cupid.

"The Flash" Recap: The "Fallout" Extends Beyond Firestorm Storyline

General Eiling returns and the Firestorm plotline comes to a close -- for now, at least -- leading to one of the best final moments you're likely to see.

EXCLUSIVE: Barry and Wells Talk Time Travel in New

EXCLUSIVE: Barry and Wells Talk Time Travel in New "The Flash" Clip

In a CBR-exclusive clip from tonight's episode, Barry Allen, Harrison Wells, Detective West and Cisco Ramon ponder the possibility of time travel.

"The Flash" Recap: Firestorm Explodes Into The Spotlight With "The Nuclear Man"

Barry Allen stumbles his way through a new romance while attempting to solve the mystery of Firestorm, and Joe and Cisco set out on their own investigation.


New "The Flash" Clip Introduces a Figure from Firestorm's Past

In this new clip from tonight's "The Flash," Martin Stein confronts his past thanks to Barry and Caitlin Snow.

Firestorm Arrives in New

Firestorm Arrives in New "The Flash" Stills

In a slew of new stills from "The Nuclear Man," Firestorm appears front and center alongside the STAR Labs team.


COMIC REEL: "Flash" Trailer Ignites Firestorm; Ayer Teases "Suicide Squad's" Arsenal

The S.T.A.R. Labs crew tries to solve the mystery of Firestorm; David Ayer begins work on his villain team-up film and more.

"The Flash" Recap: "Crazy For You"

Peek-a-Boo teleports into Central City, Barry Allen gets a new love interest, and Cisco tracks down Martin Stein in a packed, if perhaps haphazardly plotted, episode.

COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On

COMIC REEL: Brandon Routh Spotted On "Flash" Set; "Gotham" To "Scratch The Surface" Of Joker Story

"Arrow's" Atom will guest star on the CW series' sister show; Bruno Heller looks ahead towards "Gotham's" season one finale and more.

Kreisberg Goes Inside

Kreisberg Goes Inside "The Sound and The Fury" as "The Flash" Races Toward the Future

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg explores the latest episode's pivotal reveals and offers a glimpse of the obstacles ahead in Barry Allen's path.

"The Flash" Recap: "The Sound And The Fury"

The Pied Piper arrives in Central City to wreak havoc and expose one of Harrison Well's greatest secrets (no, not that one).

"The Flash" Recap: "Revenge Of The Rogues"

The Flash weathers fire and ice this week, as Captain Cold returns to Central City for the midseason premiere, and brings Heat Wave with him.

Wells and Barry Have a Subtext-Laden Chat in New

Wells and Barry Have a Subtext-Laden Chat in New "Flash" Clip

The latest "Revenge of the Rogues" clip sees Harrison Wells -- recently established as Reverse-Flash -- tell Barry Allen, "I hope we're not enemies."

COMIC REEL: Amell Says Next

COMIC REEL: Amell Says Next "Arrow"/"Flash" Event Will Be "Even Bigger"; "Deadpool" Begins Filming In March

Stephen Amell hints that the Lazarus Pit has already appeared on "Arrow"; Ryan Reynolds will head home to Vancouver for "Deadpool" and more.


COMIC REEL: "Constantine" Goes Claymation In New Short; Bendis To Appear On "Late Night"

Matt Ryan lends his voice to the animated "Constantine" clip; the "Powers" writer will chat with "Late Night" host Seth Meyers and more.

"Arrow" and "The Flash" Casts and Producers Discuss Diversity, DC vs. Marvel and More

The combined casts and EPs of The CW's DC Comics-based shows talk the impending return of the two shows, and the seasons thus far.

"The Flash" Recap: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

An epic battle between The Flash and the Reverse-Flash, and the arrival of Firestorm are just the tip of the iceberg in the midseason finale.

"Arrow" Recap: "The Brave and the Bold"

Arrow and The Flash grapple with moral issues even as they team up to stop Captain Boomerang's path of death and destruction.

"The Flash" Runs Towards "The Man in the Yellow Suit" in Latest Photos

The next "Flash" episode is titled "The Man in the Yellow Suit," and the Reverse Flash isn't far behind -- here are images from the midseason finale.

"The Flash" Recap: "Flash Vs. Arrow"

A classic team-up, a superhero battle for the ages and the debut of a DC Comics character we've been waiting for all season. Plus ... the Rainbow Raider?

"The Flash" & "Arrow" Casts Talk Pushing Each Other's Buttons in Crossover

Stars Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Emily Bett Rickards and more talk with CBR about this week's two-part "Flash" and "Arrow" crossover.

COMIC REEL: Paltrow Crosses Fingers For Potts' Return;

COMIC REEL: Paltrow Crosses Fingers For Potts' Return; "Flash" Star Shocked By Reverse Flash Reveal

Gwyneth Paltrow says she would play Pepper in the "Cap" sequel; Grant Gustin promises "Flash" fans have no idea what's coming and more.

"The Flash" Recap: "Power Outage"

More than a mundane villain of the week, the vengeful Blackout poses a threat to Barry's powers and Harrison Wells' life.

"The Flash" Recap: "The Flash Is Born"

Barry Allen confronts his childhood tormentor in the form of Girder in an episode that initially feels clichéd but ends with an unpredictable bang.

"The Flash" Recap: "Plastique"

A wedge is driven between Barry and Iris as Plastique makes her television debut. Plus, a glimpse of one of The Flash’s most iconic foes.


New "Flash" Images Reveal Plastique, Girder

After a a week off, "The Flash" is back with new episodes this Tuesday and next, featuring the introduction of two more DC Comics-based villains.

Barry Scales a Building in New

Barry Scales a Building in New "The Flash" Clip

Barry Allen literally runs up the wall for a timely rescue in a new clip from the upcoming "Plastique" episode of "The Flash."

"The Flash" Recap: "Going Rogue"

The introduction of Captain Cold casts a chill on Team Flash as Felicity Smoak arrives in Central City.

"The Flash" Recap: "Things You Can't Outrun"

A Golden Age villain makes his gaseous presence felt in an episode that also introduces Ronnie Raymond,

"The Flash" Recap: "Fastest Man Alive"

Barry Allen wrestles with self-doubt, and low blood sugar, even as he's confronted by the many clones of Multiplex.

"The Flash" Star Candice Patton Says Iris West will Soon See Her Own Action

The actress behind Barry Allen's bestie and possible love interest promises Iris will hold her own in encounters with both The Flash and his Rogues.

Reverse-Flash Pics from

Reverse-Flash Pics from "The Flash" Zoom Online

Photos from an upcoming episode of "The Flash" have surfaced, showing the first costumed glimpse of Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom.


New "Flash" Promo" Showcases Felicity Smoak, Captain Cold & More

The CW's tease for upcoming "Flash" episodes includes villains Captain Cold and Multiplex in action, and a kiss from Felicity Smoak.

"The Flash" Recap: City of Heroes (and Villains)

With its pilot episode, "The Flash" quickly establishes itself as a fun and hopeful superhero series that embraces its comic-book roots.

"The Flash" Team Promises "The Most Comic Book Show That's Ever Been Made"

The cast and crew of "The Flash" hint at what's to come in Season 1, including more super-powered character like Firestorm and maybe even Booster Gold.

New Set Photos Offer a Peek Behind Scenes of

New Set Photos Offer a Peek Behind Scenes of "Arrow"/"Flash" Crossover

Stars Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are showcased in photos from the Vancouver set of their series’ upcoming crossover.

Berlanti Talks Bringing

Berlanti Talks Bringing "The Flash" Up To Speed, Confirms "Supergirl" TV Development

The showrunner spoke with CBR about juggling DC-to-TV characters, from "The Flash's" Rogues to Superman's cousin to the latest Ra's al Ghul.


New "Flash" Poster Invites Viewers to "Discover What Makes a Hero"

With the series premiere approaching, The CW promotes "The Flash" with a poster showing the title hero zipping through Central City.

Bendis, Snyder and More Comic Pros Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Bendis, Snyder and More Comic Pros Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

As the ALS awareness-raising Ice Bucket Challenge continues to captivate social media, multiple comics industry pros have gotten involved.


REVIEW: "The Flash" Set to Give "Arrow" a Run For Its Money

The CW's pilot for "The Flash" offers fans of the character a fun, action-packed show poised to give "Arrow" a run for its money.