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EXCL PREVIEW: "The Outsiders War" Begins in "Green Arrow" #26

Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino kick off "The Outsiders War" in "Green Arrow" #26. Read an exclusive preview of the issue, on sale 12/4!

"Arrow" Gives Oliver Queen A Mask

New photos reveal Oliver Queen's new "Arrow" look, bringing him one step closer to becoming a more recognizable Green Arrow.

Real-Life Archer is a Match for Hawkeye and Green Arrow

Real-Life Archer is a Match for Hawkeye and Green Arrow

Online videos featuring Danish archer Lars Anderson show his skills to be on par with the fictional likes of Clint Barton and Oliver Queen.

Summer Glau Goes Corporate On

Summer Glau Goes Corporate On "Arrow"

Having traded in her kung-fu kicks for boardroom battles as Isabel Rochev, Summer Glau talks about the big "Arrow" twists which lie ahead.

REVIEW: Lemire & Sorrentino Bring

REVIEW: Lemire & Sorrentino Bring "Zero Year" to "Green Arrow" #25

Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino bring "a solid story that builds onto the origins of Oliver Queen's hooded heroic identity" for "Green Arrow" #25.

"Firefly" Alum Joins "Arrow" Cast as DC's Shrapnel

Sean Maher, best known as Simon Tam on "Firefly," is set to play DC Comics villain Shrapnel on The CW's "Arrow" later this season.

"Arrow" Ratings Up, Hit Highest Demo Number Since February

Following disappointing season premiere ratings, Tuesday's "Arrow" was up in total viewers, with the best number since February in the 18-49 demo.

VIDEO: Black Canary is Uncaged on

VIDEO: Black Canary is Uncaged on "Arrow"

The Black Canary arrives in Starling City next week, and The CW has released more video footage of "Arrow's" newest masked vigilante.

Michael Jai White Becomes

Michael Jai White Becomes "Arrow's" Bronze Tiger

"Spawn" and "Dark Knight" actor Michael Jai White returns to superheroes as "Arrow's" Bronze Tiger, joining Oliver Queen's street level war on crime.


PREVIEW: "Zero Year" Comes to Lemire & Sorrentino's "Green Arrow" #25

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an advance preview of Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino's "Green Arrow" #25. The "Zero Year" tie-in is on sale 11/6 and features a backup drawn by Denys Cowan.

Guggenheim Promises A Deeper

Guggenheim Promises A Deeper "City of Heroes" In "Arrow" Season 2

Executive Producer and show runner Marc Guggenheim tells CBR how "Arrow's" growing cast of heroes will and won't change the show in Season 2 as the island gets darker, Oliver gets funnier and secret villains await.

New Clips, Teases in Latest

New Clips, Teases in Latest "Arrow" Season 2 Promo

A new promo for the second season of The CW's "Arrow" offers fans quick glimpses of China White, Oliver's reluctance to take up the identity of the Hood once again, the overall state of Starling City and more.

Lemire & Ramsey Detail John Diggle's

Lemire & Ramsey Detail John Diggle's "Green Arrow" Comic Book Debut

"Arrow" supporting character John Diggle has made the leap from television to comic books, and CBR spoke with writer Jeff Lemire and actor David Ramsey about the big debut in this week's "Green Arrow" #24.


Lemire's "Green Arrow" Welcomes First Character from "Arrow" To Its Cast

"Arrow" TV character Diggle lands in the pages of Jeff Lemire's "Green Arrow" #24 just in time for "Zero Year" and "Outsiders War," marking the first of a number of upcoming connections between the CW show and the DCU.

The CW Releases New

The CW Releases New "Arrow" Cast Photos

In anticipation of next week's season premiere, The CW shares new portraits of the cast of "Arrow," ranging from show mainstays Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards to new series regulars Colton Haynes and Manu Bennett.

"Arrow" Season Two Clip Sees Felicity and Diggle in Search of Oliver

A new clip from "Arrow" season two sees Felicity Smoak and John Diggle visit a mysterious island in search of Oliver Queen, with a look at an ominous mask.

Guggenheim Questions Everything for

Guggenheim Questions Everything for "Adventures of Superman" Story

Writer and "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim discusses "Tears of Krypton," a three-part "Adventures of Superman" story asking some pointed questions about the DC Comics icon's origins.

"Arrow" Men Go Shirtless In New Posters

In a series of posters in promotion for "Arrow's" second season, actors Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Colton Haynes and Manu Bennett go shirtless for a close-up look at the men of "Arrow."

First Look At Michael Jai White As

First Look At Michael Jai White As "Arrow's" Bronze Tiger

The first glimpse of Michael Jai White's appearance as Bronze Tiger in "Arrow's" second season has surfaced, giving a close look at his character's encounter with Oliver Queen.

REVIEW: Count Vertigo Features In Lemire & Sorrentino's

REVIEW: Count Vertigo Features In Lemire & Sorrentino's "Green Arrow" #23.1

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's "Green Arrow" #23.1 focuses on the origins of Count Vertigo for Villains Month, presenting "a template for future event tie-in books to follow."

The CW Debuts First Official

The CW Debuts First Official "Arrow" Season 2 Promo

The CW has debuted the first promo spot for the second season of "Arrow," revealing the state of Starling City and the central cast following the events of the May finale. Plus, news on the casting of Barry Allen.

Fan Expo: DC Entertainment All Access

Fan Expo: DC Entertainment All Access

Jeff Lemire, Lee Bermejo, Tony Daniel and others discuss the Justice League's move to Canada, the upcoming "Superman/Wonder Woman" title and more at Fan Expo Canada.

JL, Eh? Lemire Introduces the

JL, Eh? Lemire Introduces the "Justice League of Canada"

Canadian cartoonist Jeff Lemire is taking over as writer of "Justice League of America," sharing exclusive details with CBR about the series' shift to "Justice League of Canada," the new Adam Strange and more.

CBR TV: Jeff Lemire Talks

CBR TV: Jeff Lemire Talks "Trillium," "Trinity War" & "Green Arrow"

Writer/artist Jeff Lemire took a trip on the CBR golf cart during SDCC to talk about the machinations of "Trinity War," upcoming "Green Arrow" developments, "Trillium" and more.

"Green Arrow" Writer/Artist Mike Grell Hospitalized For Cellulitis

After canceling an appearance at CopperCon 2103, acclaimed "Green Arrow" writer/artist Mike Grell took to his personal website, stating he is at the hospital undergoing treatment for cellulitis.


SDCC: "Arrow" Cast Tease Season 2 Twists, Villains

Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and others from The CW's "Arrow" talk about expanding the world in Season 2, including more villains, from Deadshot to A.R.G.U.S,. and more crossover between Starling City and the island.


SDCC: "Arrow" Welcomes Black Canary, New Direction for Oliver

The cast and crew of the CW's "Arrow" took aim at the Comic-Con crowd, offering a preview of the second season, answering a few fan questions, introducing Black Canary and focusing briefly on Stephen Amell's abs.

SDCC: DC Debuts Art From

SDCC: DC Debuts Art From "Forever Evil," "Injustice" & More

DC Comics has released art from today's All-Access panel, featuring covers and interiors from "Green Arrow," "Injustice," "Forever Evil," "Aquaman" and more.

"Arrow" Casts Summer Glau in Recurring Villain Role

Summer Glau has reportedly joined the cast of "Arrow's" second season in a recurring adversarial role as Isabel Rochev, the Vice President of Acquisitions for a company hoping to take over Queen Consolidated.

CBR TV: Guggenheim On First Season of

CBR TV: Guggenheim On First Season of "Arrow," Season 2 Developments

Producer/writer Marc Guggenheim joined CBR TV to help christen our all-new new Speakeasy set and, of course, discuss the second season of "Arrow" while taking a look back at the first.

Lemire Unleashes

Lemire Unleashes "Count Vertigo" on Green Arrow for Villains Month

Jeff Lemire shared his thoughts on introducing Count Vertigo to the New 52's "Green Arrow" during Villains Month and revealed that while nothing is imminent, he also has plans for Merlyn.



DC Comics has given CBR an exclusive preview of Marc Guggenheim, Allan Jefferson & Jonas Trindade's "Arrow" #36, bridging the gap between Seasons 1 & 2 of The CW show. Peer into Oliver Queen's future June 12.


EXCL PREVIEW: "Arrow" #35 Bridges Gap Between Season 1 and 2

CBR has an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #35, the first chapter of a special story from Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim bridging season 1 and 2 of the hit television series. The digital-first issue hits June 5.

EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Shoots Beyond

EXCLUSIVE: Guggenheim Shoots Beyond "Arrow" Finale in Digital Comic

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim discusses DC's "Arrow" digital comic's own two-part season finale, looking past the shocking end of The CW drama's run and towards Season 2. Plus, exclusive art from #35!

"Arrow" Season 2 Promises Two Big Villains, Plus a Super-Team

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim and co-star Colton Haynes tease two “very recognizable” villains for "Arrow" Season 2, and the possibility of a team of "the most important DC characters."



DC Comics has given CBR an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #33 by Marc Guggenheim, Drew Z. Greenberg & Xermanico. In the final issue before going on hiatus for the summer, Roy Harper makes his debut May 22.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Sacrifice"

As the first season of "Arrow" comes to an earth-shaking end, Malcolm Merlyn's scheme is exposed, Oliver and Laurel finally demonstrate why they belong together and one of the characters makes the ultimate sacrifice.



DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Arrow" #32 by Marc Guggenheim, Wendy Mericle, Ben Sokolowski & Allan Jefferson. The origin of the Dark Archer is revealed May 15.


SPINOFF RECAP: "Arrow - Darkness on the Edge of Town"

In "Darkness on the Edge of Town," the penultimate episode of "Arrow's" first season, Oliver finally learns what the Undertaking is, Fyers reveals what he's up to, and Malcolm Merlyn ties up loose ends.

Guggenheim Lights the Fuse for

Guggenheim Lights the Fuse for "Arrow's" Explosive Season Finale

The CW's take on DC Comics Green Arrow is in the home stretch, and Marc Guggenheim explains why "Arrow" is set for an explosive confrontation with Merlyn, a rocky love triangle for Oliver Queen and island revelations.