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Azzarello & Chiang Discuss Icons and

Azzarello & Chiang Discuss Icons and "Wonder Woman"

In a CBR exclusive interview, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang talk about their goals for "Wonder Woman" and the challenge of redefining such an iconic character. UPDATED with exclusive art.

When Words Collide - 7/6/2010

When Words Collide - 7/6/2010

This week, Tim reads "Neil Young's Greendale," by Josh Dysart, Cliff Chiang and Dave Stewart and explains why it just might have a lot in common with a certain blockbuster movie you have probably heard about...


REVIEW: "Neil Young's Greendale"

Doug Zawisza reviewed Joshua Dysart and Cliff Chiang's Vertigo Comics adaptation of Neil Young's "Greendale" album and gave the graphic novel 5 stars saying, "This book is a perfect blend of concept, story, and art."

Dysart Takes Readers to

Dysart Takes Readers to "Greendale"

Joshua Dysart spoke with CBR about teaming with legendary musician Neil Young and artist Cliff Chiang to adapt the songwriter's 2003 concept album into the all-new graphic novel hitting comic store shelves today.

Vertigo's Marquee Sneak Peek

Vertigo's Marquee Sneak Peek

DC's Mature Reader imprint wraps the year with a pair of cover reveals for two of their 2010 offerings including the new series co-written by Stephen King and the OGN inspired by singer Neil Young