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REVIEW: "Dream Thief" #1

Greg McElhatton gives the debut issue of "Dream Thief" by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood 4.5 stars, saying the issue "hits each beat at just the right moment, in a way that builds the suspense and surprises perfectly."

When Words Collide - 5/13/2013

When Words Collide - 5/13/2013

Tim talks with Greg Smallwood, artist of Dark Horse's upcoming "Dream Thief" series, about comics, process, crime films of the 1970's and the influence of Eclipse, circa the mid 1980s.

Jai Nitz Wakes Up with

Jai Nitz Wakes Up with "Dream Thief"

Comic Book Resources spoke with Jai Nitz about his upcoming "Dream Thief" from Dark Horse Comics, upending expectations, getting help from your friends and writing for yourself.

When Words Collide - 2/18/2013

When Words Collide - 2/18/2013

Tim previews the first two issues of Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood's upcoming Dark Horse series "Dream Thief," discovering a superstar artist in the making and a comic that's well worth a look.

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