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Weisman Leaves

Weisman Leaves "Young Justice" Threads Dangling, Hopes For Return

"Young Justice" producer Greg Weisman reveals he and Brandon Vietti are tying up enough story threads to satisfy fans but leaving some dangling "so that we have the chance to come back."

Greg Weisman Brings Big Plans To

Greg Weisman Brings Big Plans To "Young Justice: Invasion"

The executive producer of Cartoon Network's DC Nation hit "Young Justice," Greg Weisman discusses his plans for the "Invasion" series from Roy Harper's return to the possibility of the New Gods, and CBR has two exclusive new clips.


CCI: "Young Justice" Season 2 Details Emerge

The producer of Cartoon Network's "Young Justice" discussed the upcoming season, while actress Danica McKellar dished on her character Miss Martian's smooch with Superboy.

Weisman & Vietti On The Age of

Weisman & Vietti On The Age of "Young Justice"

Series producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti explain how they turned a teen team towards black ops, how "Young Justice" delivers realism in the DC Universe and the possibility of crossing over with Conan O'Brien.

CCI: Producers Talk

CCI: Producers Talk "Young Justice" Cartoon

Following their brief appearance at the "Batman: The Brave & the Bold" panel, animation producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman spoke with CBR News about their new series, "Young Justice."

Weisman Founds A

Weisman Founds A "Mecha-Nation"

The writer behind animated hits "Gargoyles" and "Spectacular Spider-Man," Greg Weisman teams up with his former TV partners for an all-ages blast of high school superhero action from Ape Entertainment's KiZoic label.

PRESS RELEASE: "Spectacular Spider-Man" producers sign all-ages project deal with Slave Labor

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