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Pipeline - 8/23/2011

Pipeline - 8/23/2011

Augie catches up on two overlooked Image trade paperbacks, with "Halcyon" and "Sam and Twitch: The Writer." If that's not your speed, he also has The Smurfs.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Halcyon" #2, "Orc Stain"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive extended preview of "Halcyon" #2 and the complete first issue of James Stokoe's "Orc Stain" from the first collection, on sale December 8.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Chew" #15, "Halcyon" #1

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents exclusive looks at Jonathan Layman and Rob Guillory's "Chew" #15 and Marc Guggenheim's "Halcyon" #1. Both comics hit stores Wednesday, November 10.

Designing The Characters Of

Designing The Characters Of "Halcyon"

Marc Guggenheim and his new artistic partner Ryan Bodenheim take CBR readers inside the design of their Image/Collider superhero series "Halcyon" which bases the super team concept in the real world.

PRESS RELEASE: Marc Guggenheim's "Utopia" Becomes "Halcyon"