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Wilcox Goes Green with

Wilcox Goes Green with "She-Hulks"

One is Savage, the other Sensational, and writer Harrison Wilcox spoke with CBR News about both of Marvel's new "She-Hulks" limited series headliners and the strange relationship between the gamma-powered ladies.

Wilcox Teams Up

Wilcox Teams Up "She-Hulks"

After making his name for not killing Jen Walters in "World War Hulks," writer Harrison Wilcox takes to smashing the Marvel U on a monthly basis with artist Ryan Stegman on the bounty hunting team-up title "She-Hulks."

"She-Hulks" Smash In November

Marvel Comics has announced "She-Hulks," a new series spinning out of "World War Hulks" in November from the creative team of writer Harrison Wilcox and artist Ryan Stegman with a cover by Ed McGuinness.

THE GREEN ZONE: Harrison Wilcox

THE GREEN ZONE: Harrison Wilcox

"Heroes" comic writer Harrison Wilcox comes to the Marvel U for a series of backups explaining the story of Red She-Hulk and the possible the end of Jen Walters, though he promised that more twists for the Hulk ladies lay ahead.