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Hasbro Unveils New Dark Avengers, Iron Man Figures

Hasbro Unveils New Dark Avengers, Iron Man Figures

Hasbro has released the a bunch of new images featuring even more 2011 additions to their various Marvel lines, from Iron Man to the Avengers to the Super Hero Squad and more!

CBR's Hasbro Toy Fair Report

CBR's Hasbro Toy Fair Report

CBR News attended Hasbro's Collector-Fan Media Day at the NYC Toy Fair and came away with news on Comic-Con exclusives, "Revenge of the Jedi" collectors packs, "Thor" and "Captain America" figures and more.


PHOTO PARADE: "Captain America," "Thor" at Toy Fair

CBR News visits the 2011 Toy Fair and finds Hasbro offering action figures from Marvel's "Thor" and "Captain America" movies, a massive Comic Con 2011 Exclusive Star Wars box set and much more!

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

CCI: IDW's Hasbro Panel

IDW creators sat down with fans during the publisher's Hasbro-themed panel at Comic-Con International to discuss what's coming up next in the worlds of Transformers, G.I.Joe and Dungeons & Dragons comic series.

CBR Plays

CBR Plays "Transformers: War for Cybertron"

"Transformers: War for Cybertron" takes the robots in disguise back to their homeworld for a civil war between Autobots and Decepticons. CBR News has first impressions of the gameplay.

SPINOFF: Shockwave Hits

SPINOFF: Shockwave Hits "Transformers 3"

Michael Bay has revealed that in addition to "Transformers 3" being the finale of his trilogy, the ever-poplar Decepticon, Shockwave, will be making an appearance in the upcoming movie. SPINOFF has the details.

PRESS RELEASE: Rhode Island Governor Proclaims G.I. Joe Day

C2E2: IDW Enters the

C2E2: IDW Enters the "Dungeons & Dragons"

IDW editors Andy Schmidt and Denton Tipton spoke with CBR News about the C2E2 announcement on the new line of "D&D" comics being released by the publisher later this year.

C2E2: IDW Announces

C2E2: IDW Announces "Dungeons & Dragons" Series

IDW Publishing has struck a deal with Hasbro to publish several new comic series based on the popular "Dungeons & Dragons" franchise, starting with a #0 issue in August, 2010.

PRESS RELEASE: "G.I. JOE: Operation H.I.S.S." Comic Launches in February

Is Abrams Preparing To Invade Inner Space?

Is Abrams Preparing To Invade Inner Space?

Hasbro's recently acquired Micronauts line is not only gearing up for a fresh toy line - J.J. Abrams, the man behind "Lost" and the new "Star Trek" movie is in talks to produce a movie based on the popular action figures.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW to Launch Ongoing "Transformers" Series

CCI: G.I. Joe Toys & VIdeo Game

CCI: G.I. Joe Toys & VIdeo Game

Hasbro and the designers of the "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" video game met with fans at Comic-Con International to talk about new toys, new games, and the future of the beloved franchise.

CUP O' DOODLES: Hasbro Packaging Pt. 2

CUP O' DOODLES: Hasbro Packaging Pt. 2

Check out the rest of Joe Quesada's artwork for Hasbro's Marvel 70th Anniversary packaging, some of which is exclusive to Comic-Con International in San Diego.

CCI: Robert Atkins returns to

CCI: Robert Atkins returns to "G.I. Joe"

IDW has announced that artist Robert Atkins is coming back to the main "G.I. Joe"series for a five issue arc. And somebody's gonna die. CBR News caught up with Atkins to discuss his work with the Joes.

CBR Plays

CBR Plays "Transformers: RotF"

With multiple developers offering different gaming experiences for the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" storyline, you might not know which you'd prefer. CBR News has a rundown of the choices that lay in your future.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW's "G.I. Joe" Movie Adaptation Runs Weekly through July

New Screenshots, Character Renders from

New Screenshots, Character Renders from "Transformers: RotF"

Activision has released a new list of playable characters from their upcoming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" video game, along with new screenshots and character renders.

PRESS RELEASE: "All Hail Megatron" Expands with 4 More Issues

PRESS RELEASE: Boldly Buy Boardwalk with "MONOPOLY: Star Trek"

PRESS RELEASE: Due To Popular Demand, IDW Extends "G.I. Joe" Miniseries

PRESS RELEASE: IDW set to release Three new "GI Joe" series

PRESS RELEASE: IDW, Hasbro launch "Transformers Animated" comic series

IDW Lands G.I. Joe License

IDW Lands G.I. Joe License

Long rumored, official word came today from Hasbro that IDW Publishing has landed the G.I. Joe license and will begin publishing a new monthly comic series in October, with reprints and much more to come.