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PRESS RELEASE: 5Finity Productions Auctions Lady Death Card for Hero Initiative

DC Teams with Hero Initiative for JLA #50 Project

DC Teams with Hero Initiative for JLA #50 Project

The Hero Initiative is teaming with DC Comics for the first time with 100 copies of "Justice League of America" #50 customized by artists including Alex Ross, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Tony Parker and more.

Hero Initiative's

Hero Initiative's "Archie" #600 Gallery

Hero Initiative has provided CBR with the complete gallery of their Archie-themed fundraiser featuring art from Archie mainstays Dan Parent and Stan Goldberg to superstars Chris Samnee, Dale Keown, Sam Kieth and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative at Mid-Ohio Con

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Haunts Long Beach Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Traveles to New York Comic Con

Artists Assemble for Hero Initiative’s Next

Artists Assemble for Hero Initiative’s Next "Marvel 100" Project

Howard Chaykin, Ian Churchill, Mike Deodato, Terry Dodson, Steve Epting, Dave Gibbons and Adam Kubert are among stars contributing to the Hero Initiative's latest "Marvel 100" campaign.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Spends Labor Day Weekend at Dragon*Con

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Hits Baltimore Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Ford Offers New Fiesta Test Drives, Giveaways, and Donation to the Hero Initiative at Baltimore Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Limited Edition "Dawn" Scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Benefit Hero Initiative

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Adds Dick Giordano Award to Harvey Awards Ceremony

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Rolls into Wizard World Chicago

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Appoints Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson to Disbursement Committee

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Azzarello and Hero Initiative Take You to the Ballgame

Hero Initiative Adds Medical, Financial Consultants

Hero Initiative Adds Medical, Financial Consultants

Hero Initiative has announced the appointment of official medical and financial service consultants, with Dr. Mauricio Heilbron and Harlan Wenig offering services to Hero's population free of charge.

Waid Takes the (Hero) Initiative

Waid Takes the (Hero) Initiative

Writer and BOOM! Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid adds another title to his resume, that of Board Member for the non-profit Hero Initiative, and he spoke with CBR about how and why he'll contribute to the charity.

PRESS RELEASE: Mark Waid Named to Hero Initiative Board

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Oeming & Taki Soma Sign at TFAW to Support the Hero Initiative

PRESS RELEASE: Jimmy Cheung Anchors Hero Initiative at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Heroescon

R.I.P. Stephen Perry

R.I.P. Stephen Perry

After a battle with cancer and a spotlight provided by the HERO Initiative, the former comic book and animation writer met a sudden tragic end as friends and colleagues move to keep his memory alive with fans.

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Dillon visits NYC's Forbidden Planet for Hero Initiative

Volunteers Discuss The Hero Initiative

Volunteers Discuss The Hero Initiative

Hero Initiative volunteers talk about their experiences working with the charity, what it means to them and the creators it helps, how they became involved, different ways that other fans can participate and more.

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Hero Initiative: Steve Perry

Steve Perry, the writer of "Thundercats," "Silverhawks," "Time Spirits" and more, discusses how the Hero Initiative helped him when he needed it the most and talks about how to best support the organization.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Announces C2E2 Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Witchblade Fragrance Line to Debut at C2E2

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Announces WonderCon Plans

Archie Teams Up with Hero Initiative

Archie Teams Up with Hero Initiative

Archie Comics has joined with Hero Initiative to create 50 one-of-a-kind covers by 50 artists, to be auctioned off online. CBR has an exclusive look at the covers by Jim Mahfood, Jim Valentino and Agnes Garbowska.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Announces Plans for Mega Con

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Announces Plans and Party for Emerald City Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Art Museum's WonderCon Party to Benefit Ed Hannigan

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Auctions Tom Brevoort's "Take My Trade" Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Ed Hannigan Covers On Display At Cartoon Art Museum


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ed Hannigan: Covered"

Courtesy of Hero Initiative, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Ed Hannigan: Covered," a benefit book hitting stores next Wednesday, January 13th, with all proceeds going to help the iconic artist of the '70s and '80s.

Gene Colan is Still

Gene Colan is Still "Invincible"

In February, the Hero Initiative will publish "The Invincible Gene Colan", a retrospective covering the career of one of the legends of the comics industry. CBR News spoke with Colan about the project and the long career that led up to it.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative and Marvel Comics Present "The Invincible Gene Colan"

Hero Initiative

Hero Initiative "Covers" Hannigan

Ed Hannigan, one of the artistic mainstays of Marvel's Bullpen of the '70s and '80s, suffers from multiple sclerosis. CBR spoke with Hero Initiative's Jim McLauchlin about Ed's situation and their upcoming "Ed Hannigan: Covered."

Hero Initiative Announces

Hero Initiative Announces "Weapon X 100 Project" Signing Events

The Hero Initiative has announced a series of signing events in support of the release of their "Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project" collection, featuring artwork by Art Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Neal Adams, and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Turn Your Clunker Into Cash For The Hero Initiative


EXCLUSIVE: 35 "Weapon X 100 Project" Covers

CBR is proud to present an exclusive look at 35 covers by 25 artists from the Hero Initiative's "Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project," featuring art from Arthur Adams to Mike Deodato and many other artists in between!!