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COMIC REEL: Rogue's "Days of Future Past" Status; Blackout Heads to "Agents of SHIELD"

Simon Kinberg discusses the Rogue-centric "Days of Future Past" scene that got cut; "Agents of SHIELD" cold open introduces Blackout & more.

Hayden Panettiere is as Surprised as You Are About

Hayden Panettiere is as Surprised as You Are About "Heroes" Revival

Acknowledging that "Heroes Reborn" will likely feature new characters, the actress says someone else playing Clair Bennett "would be a little dagger in the heart."


COMIC REEL: "Heroes" Heads Back to NBC; Electro Hits Hard in "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Trailer

NBC revives "Heroes" for 2015; Electro and Spidey face-off in new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" trailer and more.

NBC Will Revive

NBC Will Revive "Heroes" in 2015

Tim Kring's superhero television show will return as "Heroes: Reborn," a 13-episode miniseries, while NBC teases the possible return of some of the original cast.

The Many Incarnations Of Thor

The Many Incarnations Of Thor

Is a Thunder God by any other name still the Son Of Odin? “Thor” hits theaters this weekend, and in honor of the occasion, CBR News takes a look at his changing alter-egos, powers and costumes throughout the years.

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