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PRESS RELEASE: "Enormous" Monsters Devour Humanity in New Graphic Novella from Image

Comic Book Legends Revealed

Comic Book Legends Revealed

An all-zombie edition of Comic Book Legends! What was Marvel's role in the evolution of zombies? What are zuvembies? And what did the Comics Code have against 'Mazing Man?

PRESS RELEASE: Chimaera Comics announces new horror imprint: Nightmaera

PRESS RELEASE: "Shock Festival" hits bookstores October 25

PRESS RELEASE: Fangoria debuts brand new website

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Productions announces new horror series, "Distortions Unlimited"

PRESS RELEASE: Th3rd World Studios announces new horror comic book series

Mayhew, Frank & Wickline Go "Savage"

Mayhew, Frank & Wickline Go "Savage"

Mike Mayhew is known for his striking renditions of the female form, but this fall, he's teaming with writers Jeff Frank & Dan Wickline for a different kind of striking -- the kind that draws blood. CBR sat with them to get "Savage."

PRESS RELEASE: Vincent Price hosts new Bluewater Productions comic

PRESS RELEASE: Scream Factory, Wowio.com to offer Fangoria comics for free

PRESS RELEASE: Gene Simmons unleashes "House of Horror" on IDW