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CCI: "Fables" Panel

CCI: "Fables" Panel

Bill Willingham and the rest of the "Fables" crew discussed the 100th issue of the long-running Vertigo series, "Jack of Fables," "House of Mystery" and more at their Comic-Con International panel.

Matthew Sturges is Ready to âRun!â

Matthew Sturges is Ready to “Run!”

The prolific Matthew Sturges speaks with CBR News about the end of “Blue Beetle,” the start of “Run!,” and what’s coming wicked to Fabletown in a "Fables" / "Jack of Fables" crossover. Plus, "House of Mystery!"

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel unleashes "Civil War: House of M" early preview

PRESS RELEASE: "DC announces "House of Mystery," "Young Liars" reprint flip-book

PRESS RELEASE: "All Star Batman and Robin" #11 to be re-solicited, "House of Mystery" #3 returnable due to art change

Sturges is Big Brother of Vertigoâs âHouse of Mysteryâ

Sturges is Big Brother of Vertigo’s “House of Mystery”

Following the likes of Cain, Abel and Elvira, Matt Sturges and Bill Willingham are the new caretakers of Vertigo’s “House of Mystery.” We spoke with Sturges about the series, which debuts this week.