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Hub Kindles

Hub Kindles "Okko Vol. 4: The Cycle of Fire" with Samurai, Demons & A Wedding

Writer/artist Hub unleashes the fourth volume of "Okko," featuring a wedding, 100 samurai and demon hunters, in February.

VIDEO: Hub Recreates

VIDEO: Hub Recreates "Dark Knight Rises" Trailer for "Batman" Cartoon Marathon

The Hub has created a "Batman: TAS" marathon teaser that recreates the trailer for director Christopher Nolan’s "Dark Knight Rises" using clips from the show and the original. ROBOT 6 has the video.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Super Hero Squad Show" Joins The Hub Television Network


CCI: "Transformers Prime" Panel

Roberto Orci and other producers for "Transformers Prime" spoke with the press at CCI about honoring the history of the franchise, respecting fans of the classic cartoon and choosing story over merchandising.