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Edginton Crafts New Horror for

Edginton Crafts New Horror for "The Evil Within" Adaptation

Ian Edginton discusses his take on the world of blockbuster video game "Evil Within" and shares which psychedelic space opera is his dream adaptation project.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Edginton & Sanchez'

EXCL. PREVIEW: Edginton & Sanchez' "The Evil Within" #1

Ian Edginton & Alex Sanchez unleash a horror prequel spun from the survival horror game "The Evil Within," available exclusively from Titan at NYCC.

Edginton Delivers Terrifying Evolution in

Edginton Delivers Terrifying Evolution in "Hinterkind"

Ian Edginton dishes on his latest monster mash, the Vertigo-published "Hinterkind," revealing new insight into this evolutionary/cautionary tale.

REVIEW: Edginton & Culbard's

REVIEW: Edginton & Culbard's "Brass Sun" #1

Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard's "Brass Sun #1 is "a lovely, promising first issue that presents something unique and engaging."

Ian Edginton on Mechanical Universes and

Ian Edginton on Mechanical Universes and "Brass Sun"

Acclaimed writer Ian Edginton discusses world building and serial storytelling in his latest 2000 AD collaboration with artist INJ Culbard.

Edginton Unleashes

Edginton Unleashes "Hinterkind" on Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Ian Edginton talks about his new Vertigo series "Hinterkind," revealing why the Earth featured in the comic is closer to reality than one would hope.

Vertigo Defies Expectations with Fall Lineup

Vertigo Defies Expectations with Fall Lineup

Shelly Bond, Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and more introduced Vertigo's fall lineup and answered questions at the New York Comic Con.

"2000 AD" Reignites Edginton’s "Brass Sun"

"2000 AD" Steampunk series "Brass Sun" recently debuted its sequel and the writer spoke to CBR about where Wren is headed -- plus teases more "Stickleback."

PREVIEW: Ian Edginton's

PREVIEW: Ian Edginton's "Hinterkind" #1

Ian Edginton's "Hinterkind" debuts October 2, and Vertigo has released a preview of the series which finds a young girl catapulted into a world filled with creatures of myth who have no fondness for humankind.

Vertigo Reveals Closer Look At Upcoming Publishing Slate

Vertigo Reveals Closer Look At Upcoming Publishing Slate

DC Comics has revealed a closer look at its Vertigo imprint's upcoming publishing slate with seven upcoming titles with full synopses and creative teams, including "Hinterkind," "Dead Boy Detectives" & more.


Gaiman's "Sandman: Overture" Spearheads Vertigo Rebuilding Initiative

Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III's "The Sandman: Overture" miniseries is just one of six new Vertigo titles launching in late 2013 an attempt to rebuild the DC Comics imprint. UPDATED with new art by Williams.

Shy & Edginton's

Shy & Edginton's "Dead Space: Liberation" Leads to "Dead Space 3"

Artist Christopher Shy discusses "Dead Space: Liberation," an OGN written by Ian Edginton which leads hero John Carver directly in to the story of the highly anticipated "Dead Space 3" game.

Ian Edginton Returns to

Ian Edginton Returns to "Stickleback: Number of the Beast"

"2000 AD" stalwart Ian Edginton tells CBR about the return of Cockney steampunk superfiend Stickleback, working with artist D'Israeli and reveals how his "2000 AD" titles are part of a shared multiverse.

NYCC: Wagner Returns to

NYCC: Wagner Returns to "Judge Dredd," Smith To Do "Year One" Series

"Judge Dredd" fans were treated to the full range of 2000 AD titles at NYCC's "Judge Dredd" panel, plus news of a new Dredd miniseries from IDW and the return of John Wagner to the series.

Ian Edginton Constructs A

Ian Edginton Constructs A "Brass Sun" for "2000 AD"

Edginton spoke with CBR News about his new "2000 AD" steampunk fantasy "Brass Sun," working with artists and co-creators I.N.J. Culbard and D'Israeli on the project and how he broke into comics.


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "National Comics: Looker" #1

Courtesy of DC Comics comes an exclusive first look from inside "National Comics Looker" #1 from artist Mike S. Miller, showcasing the gory and gossipy sides of the supermodel-turned-vampire.

Ian Edginton Vamps Up

Ian Edginton Vamps Up "National Comics: Looker"

In the latest one-shot reinventing a DC character for the New 52, Ian Edginton takes former Outsider Looker to her vampiric supermodel heights in a story that's part business, part murder.

Edginton Journeys East with

Edginton Journeys East with "The Immortal"

CBR spoke with "Victorian Undead" writer Ian Edginton about his new Dark Horse miniseries, "The Immortal: Demon in the Blood," based on a Japanese novel about a cursed tattoo.

Edginton Takes on “Kane & Lynch”

Edginton Takes on “Kane & Lynch”

With the second issue of WildStorm’s “Kane & Lynch” series hitting store shelves this week, CBR spoke with writer Ian Edginton about what makes the main characters so much fun.

Stjepan Sejic Joins Radical’s “Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost”

Stjepan Sejic Joins Radical’s “Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost”

The “Witchblade” artist speaks his mind on how Radical’s epic fantasy tale matches his art style, reuniting with writer Ian Edginton, and why monsters are his favorite part of drawing the book. Plus, exclusive art!


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost" #2

Courtesy of Radical Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost" #2, in stores tomorrow from the team of Ian Edginton, Stjepan Sejic and Patrick Reilly.

Radical Comics Titles on Sale February 3, 2010

Radical Comics Titles on Sale February 3, 2010

Courtesy of Radical Publishing, CBR brings you an early look at two titles on sale Wednesday, February 3--Ian Edginton's "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost" #1 and "Legends: The Enchanted" #0 by Nick Percival.

Edginton Ignites

Edginton Ignites "Aladdin's" Lamp

Comics writer Ian Edginton talked with CBR News about uniting a pair of classic heroes in "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost," the inspiration behind their pairing and the unique challenges involved in developing Radical's newest project.

Edginton Unleashes Holmes vs. Zombies

Edginton Unleashes Holmes vs. Zombies

Written by Ian Edginton, Wildstorm's "Victorian Undead" features Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in a foggier than usual London, confronting the most extraordinary case of their career – why are the dead returning to life?

Hine & Edginton Talk

Hine & Edginton Talk "Days Missing"

“Days Missing” writers David Hine and Ian Edginton talk to CBR News about the Archaia series that asks the question, if you could erase a day of human history, would you do it? The writers also answer that question themselves.

Mapping the Wildstorm Universe: Stormwatch P.H.D.

Mapping the Wildstorm Universe: Stormwatch P.H.D.

The screaming space adventures of Wildstorm's biggest team give way to a crossover with The Authority as the world smolders. Writer Ian Edginton talks "Stormwatch P.H.D."