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REVIEW: Marguerite Bennett's

REVIEW: Marguerite Bennett's "Superman: Lois Lane" #1

Marguerite Bennett and a team of artists deliver a "well-rounded, thoughtfully developed Lois" in DC Comics' "Superman: Lois Lane" #1.

Baltazar & Franco Finance

Baltazar & Franco Finance "The Green Team"

"The Green Team" writers Art Baltazar and Franco discuss the impending release of their new DC Comics series, the challenge of creating a new book and the fun in making money a superpower.

Art N Franco Cash In With

Art N Franco Cash In With "The Green Team"

For their first ongoing series based in the New 52, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani hit the big time with a team of boy trillionaires in DC Comics' "The Green Team," a high adventure story of cash and superheroes.

Occupy the DCU?

Occupy the DCU? "The Green Team" & "The Movement" Launch in May

Following Thursday’s cancellations, DC Comics has announced two new politically themed series from Gail Simone and Freddie Williams III, and Art Baltazar, Franco and Ig Guara: "The Green Team" and "The Movement."

Michael Alan Nelson Explores Teen Team Dynamics In

Michael Alan Nelson Explores Teen Team Dynamics In "The Ravagers"

Writer Michael Alan Nelson discusses his work on DC Comics' "The Ravagers," combining his horror background with super heroes and his approach to developing the adolescent characters' personalities.


REVIEW: "Blue Beetle" #6

Doug Zawisza gives "Blue Beetle" #6 5 stars, calling the series from writer Tony Bedard and artist Ig Guara "one of the very best titles from DC."


REVIEW: "Blue Beetle" #5

Doug Zawisza gives "Blue Beetle" #5 4.5 stars saying Tony Bedard and Ig Guera's teenage superhero story "is darn near perfect."

Bedard Broadens His Scope in

Bedard Broadens His Scope in "Blue Beetle"

CBR News spoke with Tony Bedard about "Blue Beetle," the challenges in writing Khaji-Da and how things are about to change in a big way for the teenager from El Paso.

Bedard Brings A Bilingual

Bedard Brings A Bilingual "Blue Beetle" To The DCU

"Blue Beetle" writer Tony Bedard spoke with CBR about the number one issue, his personal feelings about writing the Latino character and plans for the ongoing series.


REVIEW: "Blue Beetle" #1

Doug Zawisza gives DC Comics' relaunched "Blue Beetle" #1 4 stars and calls Tony Bedard and Ig Guara's story a "great introduction to a wonderful world and a spectacular universe."

Bedard Talks Aliens, Bugsuits &

Bedard Talks Aliens, Bugsuits & "Blue Beetle"

Writer Tony Bedard pits Jaime Reyes against an alien menace in "Blue Beetle," the new series out in September as part of the DC Comics 52 title relaunch.


PREVIEW: "Flashpoint: Grodd of War"

DC Comics has released a preview of the "Flashpoint: Grodd of War" one-shot by Sean Ryan and Ig Guara with a cover by Francis Manapul. Grodd rules over all he sees on June 15!

EXCLUSIVE: Bedard & Guara Launch

EXCLUSIVE: Bedard & Guara Launch "Blue Beetle"

As part of DC Comics 52-series relaunch of their line, the publisher is bringing back El Paso's finest teen hero as Tony Bedard and Ig Guara kick off a new "Blue Beetle" monthly, and CBR has the EXCLUSIVE first look.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Avengers vs Pet Avengers"

Marvel has released an advance look at Chris Eliopoulos and Ig Guara's "Avengers vs Pet Avengers." Things get hairy for Earth's Mightiest Mortals and their animal counterparts on October 20.

Fan Expo: The Pet Avengers Bite Back

Fan Expo: The Pet Avengers Bite Back

Earth’s Mightiest Animals are back for another walk around the proverbial block, with original series writer Chris Eliopoulus once again holding the leash. CBR News spoke with him about the sequel, scheduled for early 2010.

NYCC: Pet Avengers Assemble!

NYCC: Pet Avengers Assemble!

Announced Sunday at New York Comic Con, Chris Eliopoulos is writing a four-part miniseries with some unlikely stars. “Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers” debuts in May, with art by Ig Guara and Chris Sotomayor.