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AMC Releases

AMC Releases "Walking Dead" Season 2 Photos

AMC has released two photos from the second season of the hit zombie series "The Walking Dead." Created by Robert Kirkman and adapted for television by Frank Darabont, season two is slated to debut in the fall.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Unleashes Zombie-Packed "'68: Hardship" One-Shot in August

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "50 Girls 50" #1 Sells Out, Second Print Announced


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Morning Glories," "Savage Dragon"

Image Comics has provided CBR with previews for four books shipping June 8, including exclusive looks at "Morning Glories" #10 and "Savage Dragon" #171!

Moder Sheds Light on

Moder Sheds Light on "Shinku"

With the first issue in stores now from Image Comics, artist Lee Moder spoke with CBR News about the creative process behind "Shinku," a modern Japanese vampire epic written by Ron Marz.

Sarkar Opens

Sarkar Opens "The Vault"

In writer Sam Sarkar's "The Vault" from Image, treasure hunters explore a mysterious underwater cavern, a shipwreck prone island and a deep sea digging robot. CBR has details and exclusive art.

Hahn Pulls an

Hahn Pulls an "All Nighter"

Writer and artist David Hahn spoke with CBR News about the process of moving "All Nighter" from DC's now-defunct Minx line of graphic novels to a miniseries at Image Comics.

CBR Previews

CBR Previews "The Darkness II"

CBR News previewed 2K Games "The Darkness II," finding new developer Digital Extremes has created a worthy follow-up to the original, bestowing new and bloody tricks upon Jackie Estacado in the process.


PREVIEWS: "The Darkness" #91, "Turf" #5

Image Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at "The Darkness" #91 and "Turf" #5, the final issue of Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards' vampire/alien/mob war! Both issues hit tomorrow, June 1.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Who Is Jake Ellis" #4

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Who Is Jake Ellis" #4. The issue, from the team of Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic, hits stores on June 1.

Baxter Takes Aim with

Baxter Takes Aim with "Marksmen"

Writer David Baxter discusses, "Marksmen," his post apocalyptic-meets-western miniseries with CBR News. The series debuts for $1 this July from Image Comics and Benaroya Publishing.



As the mystery of the twins known as Jun and Hisao unfold in Image's "Morning Glories" #9, Nick Spencer gives CBR the scoop on their secret history, the inner workings of the Academy and how next issue will be the most controversial yet.

Zub Kicks Off

Zub Kicks Off "Skullkickers'" Second Arc

"Skullkickers" creator/writer Jim Zub spoke with ROBOT 6 about his and artist Edwin Huang's plans for the second arc of the Image Comics hit series which features the introductions of a new and mysterious character.

Hickman Takes Flight with

Hickman Takes Flight with "The Red Wing"

CBR News spoke with Jonathan Hickman about July's “The Red Wing,” a four-issue miniseries featuring epic aerial battles spanning time and space that also marks his return to creator-owned comics.



Image has provided CBR with an exclusive advance look at Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray's "Tattered Man." Featuring art and cover by Norberto Fernandez and a variant by Amanda Conner, the one-shot hits May 25.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Walking Dead," "Skullkickers"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews at "The Walking Dead" #85 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard and"Skullkickers" #7 by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang & Misty Coates. Both titles hit on May 25.

Skybound, Z-Man Games to Release

Skybound, Z-Man Games to Release "Walking Dead" Board Game

Skybound and Z-Man Games have announced a new board game based on Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" comic series, set for a late Sumemer 2011 release.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Presents Sexy New Sci-Fi Series "Vescell"

PRESS RELEASE: "Witchblade" #144 Stands Alone

PRESS RELEASE: Larsen's "Savage Dragon" Hits #175

Image Comics Solicitations for August, 2011

Image Comics Solicitations for August, 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in August 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "The Infinite," "Shinku," "Savage Dragon," "Skullkickers" and more.


PREVIEW: "Science Dog Special" #2

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents a preview of "Science Dog Special" #2, written by Robert Kirkman with art and cover by Cory Walker. The conclusion of the Science Dog saga hits stores Wednesday, May 18!


Touring "Screamland" with Sipe & Sebela

Co-writers Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela and artist Lee Leslie explore Hollywood's monstrous underbelly in the new, July-debuting ongoing "Screamland" series from Image Comics.

Wiseman Spills

Wiseman Spills "Samurai's Blood"

This June, writer Owen Wiseman brings his blood-soaked, action-filled Japanese epic "Samurai Blood" to Image Comics. Wiseman spoke with CBR News about the inner workings of his samurai tale.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Darkness: Four Horsemen" #4

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Darkness: Four Horsemen" #4, written by David Hine with art and cover by Jeff Wamester. The issue descends upon stores May 18.

CBR TV: Kirkman Introduces Super Dinosaur

CBR TV: Kirkman Introduces Super Dinosaur

On FCBD, Robert Kirkman introduced the world to Super Dinosaur! In addition to wowing fans on the street, Kirkman and “Super Dinosaur” artist Jason Howard were on hand to sign autographs for the Golden Apple crowd.


REVIEW: "Chew" #27

Doug Zawisza gives "Chew" #27 4 stars, saying John Layman and Rob Guillory's latest issue "continues to find new ways to impress me, and the fact that we’ve got chogs in this issue only adds to my amusement."

Counting '

Counting '"50 Girls 50" with Frank Cho & Doug Murray

Co-creators Frank Cho and Doug Murray spoke with CBR News about their space-faring, sci-fi epic romp "50 Girls 50," a new Image Comics series drawn by Axel Medellin.



Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Spawn" #207, written by Will Carlton with art by Szymon Kudranski and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. The issue hits stores Wednesday May 11.

CBR TV: Ziggy Marley On Marijunaman and More

CBR TV: Ziggy Marley On Marijunaman and More

Reggae superstar Ziggy Marley dropped by the CBR TV studios to discuss “Marijuanaman,” written by Joe Casey with Jim Mahfood on art, why the comic wasn't printed on hemp paper, character’s Superman influences and more.

CHEW ON THIS: A Double Dose of

CHEW ON THIS: A Double Dose of "Flambé"

In a one-two punch of behind the scenes perfection, writer John Layman looks at recent events in "Chew," from the cosmic conspiracy of NASA to the return of Poyo and the dastardly future which lays ahead.

CBR TV: Robert Kirkman on

CBR TV: Robert Kirkman on "Walking Dead," Stephen King & More

Robert Kirkman elaborates on Stephen King and Joe Hill's possible involvement in "The Walking dead" season 2, discusses Michael Rooker's character, the comic's recent storyline shock and more.


5-STAR REVIEW: FCBD "Super Dinosaur: Origin Special"

Giving Image Comics's FCBD offering by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard's 5 stars,, Doug Zawisza says, "This year, [Free Comic Book Day's] exceptional title is 'Super Dinosaur.'"

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' "50 Girls 50" Features Covers and More by Frank Cho

Bringing Back

Bringing Back "Breed" with Jim Starlin

Legendary writer and artist Jim Starlin brings his series "Breed" out of retirement for a third and possibly final miniseries from Image Comics. Starlin spoke with CBR about his creation.

PRESS RELEASE: "Witch Doctor" #0 Preview in Flip Issue of "The Walking Dead" #85

Scott Snyder, Image Announce

Scott Snyder, Image Announce "Severed"

Eisner-nominated writer Scott Snyder will team with writer Scott Tuft and New York Times best-selling artist Attila Futaki on "Severed," an Image Comics horror title debuting in August.



Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive 9-page preview of "Chew" #27 by the Eisner Award winning creative team of John Layman and Rob Guillory. UPDATED: The issue hits stores Wednesday, May 11.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun" based on the game from Pinnacle Entertainment, written by David Gallaher and drawn by Steve Ellis.

Stephenson on the State of Image Comics

Stephenson on the State of Image Comics

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson spoke with CBR News on everything from his company's place in the comics industry to grooming young talent and up and coming books for the rest of the year.