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PREVIEWS: "50 Girls 50," "Witch Doctor" & More

Image Comics has released advance previews for eight new titles debuting in June 2011, including the Skybound imprint's "Witch Doctor," Frank Cho's "50 Girls 50," Ron Marz and Lee Moder's "Shinku" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "Butcher Baker" Destroys Expectations

PRESS RELEASE: Richard Starkings Signs Early Copies of "Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman" #1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: "Zero: JM Ken Niimura Illustrations '07-'09 Makes Stateside Debut with Image Comics

C2E2: Top Cow's

C2E2: Top Cow's "We Create...Universes" Panel

Top Cow took to the stage at C2E2 to show off their new "Artifacts" trading cards, unveil screenshots from 2K Games' upcoming "Darkness II" video game, announce the "Netherworld" cover contest winner and more.


Exploring "Netherworld" With Levin & Hill

Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill team up with Heroes And Villains Entertainment, Top Cow and artist Tony Shasteen to accompany readers to "Netherworld" for a horror-tinged private eye story set in a sunless city.

Game On: Nate Simpson's

Game On: Nate Simpson's "Nonplayer"

Writer/artist Nate Simpson spoke with CBR News about his upcoming series "Nonplayer" from Image Comics, his history in the world of video games, making the leap to sequential storytelling and more.

Kirkman Gears Up For

Kirkman Gears Up For "The Infinite"

The Skybound creator of "Invincible" speaks on his new time travel epic with Rob Liefeld, explaining the shoulder pads and guns he plans for his artist and teasing the face of the book's main villain.

CBR TV: Todd McFarlane Interviews Stan Lee

CBR TV: Todd McFarlane Interviews Stan Lee

On the occasion of the release of “Spawn” #200, Todd McFarlane greeted fans at Golden Apple Comics. During the celebration, McFarlane brought Stan Lee with him to CBR TV’s Hollywood studio for a special one-on-one interview.

Freedman & Coker Get Romantic with

Freedman & Coker Get Romantic with "Undying Love"

Co-creators Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman merge western vampires with Chinese mythology in "Undying Love," a new horror/romance series debuting soon from Image Comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Sci-Fi Steampunks and Mad Scientist Meet Success at Image

Allred's Giant-Size

Allred's Giant-Size "Madman"

With April's "Madman All-New Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special" on the way, creator Mike Allred spoke with CBR News about all things Frank Einstein and his plans for the twentieth anniversary "Madman" collection.

Ron Marz: Top Cow Architect, Part 2

Ron Marz: Top Cow Architect, Part 2

Writer Ron Marz concludes his talk with CBR News, digging deeper into his plans for the Top Cow Universe, from the recently launched ongoing "Magdalena" solo series and the soon-to-be-completed "Velocity" mini.


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead" #82

Ryan K. Lindsay gives "The Walking Dead" #82 4 stars, praising Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's current "No Way Out" storyline and calling the events in this particular issue "brutally pragmatic."

PRESS RELEASE: "Li'l Depressed Boy" Sells Out

ECCC: Image Comics' New Favorites

ECCC: Image Comics' New Favorites

A line-up of some of Image Comics hottest creators, from Nick Spencer to Riley Rossmo and more, were in attendance at last weekend's Emerald City Comicon to promote their titles to a room full of Image faithful.

PRESS RELEASE: Robert Kirkman Announces "The Infinite"

Liefeld Breaches

Liefeld Breaches "The Infinite"

On the heels of announcing a new Image series with Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld explains the story behind "The Infinite" and how he's moving forward with new characters, pouches, shoulderpads and guns. UPDATED WITH EXCLUSIVE ART



Writer Nick Spencer returns to CBR for an all-new installment of MORNING GLORY DAYS, explaining the daring and drastic actions Zoe takes in "Morning Glories" #7 while revealing one of the key visual clues to the entire series.

Kirkman and Liefeld Unite for

Kirkman and Liefeld Unite for "The Infinite"

Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld are collaborating on a time-traveling sci-fi epic called "The Infinite" that will debut in August from Kirkman's Skybound imprint. ROBOT 6 has details.

"The Walking Dead" Looks Forward at PaleyFest 2011

Cast and Crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" assembled at the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival on Friday to tease aspects of the upcoming second season and their first zombie encounters.

ECCC: Marz & Sellner Saddle Up with

ECCC: Marz & Sellner Saddle Up with "Deadlands"

Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Chuck Sellner and more team to create comics based on the weird western world of the roleplaying game "Deadlands." We spoke with Marz and Sellner about the June-debuting series of one-shots.


REVIEW: "Herculian"

Reviewer Greg McElhatton gives Erik Larsen's experimental "Herculian" one-shot 3.5 stars, saying, "It's nice to see [Larsen's] talents tackle some different subjects; for the most part, he succeeds."


REVIEW: "Chew" #17

Doug Zawisza gave "Chew" #17 a 4 star review, saying of John Layman and Rob Guillory's acclaimed Image series, "The consistency -- not the texture -- of this title is what brings me back issue after issue."

PRESS RELEASE: "Reed Gunther" Lassos a New Home at Image

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' "Undying Love" Asks, Is Love Stronger Than Death?

Image Comics Solicitations for April/May, 2011

Image Comics Solicitations for April/May, 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in April and May, 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "Morning Glories," "Chew," "Who Is Jake Ellis" and more.


Introducing "Lorna: Relic Wrangler"

We spoke with writer Micah S. Harris and illustrator Loston Wallace about their work on "Lorna: Relic Wrangler," a new Image Comics one-shot about a young adventurer described as "Lara Croft with a mint julep twist."


REVIEW: "Morning Glories" #7

Benjamin Birdie reviews Nick Spencer's "Morning Glories" #7, giving it four stars, saying it has "all the mystery and intrigue of the television show" and calling it "a miraculous title."

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: “The Walking Dead” Comics to TV

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: “The Walking Dead” Comics to TV

In this exclusive featurette clip from Anchor Bay's upcoming Blu-ray release of "The Walking Dead," the cast and crew of the show discuss how the comic book was often used as a storyboard for the hit AMC series.

Rob Schrab Explains Why He Can't Do Anything Else

Rob Schrab Explains Why He Can't Do Anything Else

Writer, artist and director Rob Schrab spoke with CBR News about his upcoming one-shot from Image Comics "But I Can't Do Anything Else," which collects 10 years worth of the creator's sketches, pitch material and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "Moriarty" Offers a New Take on Literature's Original Super-Villain

Pipeline - 2/22/2011

Pipeline - 2/22/2011

Augie pulls triple-duty and reviews this week's issues of Image Comics' status quo-changing "Savage Dragon" and "The Mission,'" analyzes Morris' approach to art in "Lucky Luke" and runs down some lookalike logos.

Ross and Edwards Lay Down Their

Ross and Edwards Lay Down Their "Turf"

Writer Jonathan Ross and artist Tommy Lee Edwards discusses their Image Comics limited series "Turf," the upcoming fourth issue, and telling a tale consisting of gangster, vampires and aliens.

Telltale Talks

Telltale Talks "Walking Dead," "Fables" Games

Telltale Games has announced video games based on Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead," Bill Willingham's "Fables," and more. CBR spoke with some of the minds behind the digital-first games publisher for more details.

McFarlane Gives Details on

McFarlane Gives Details on "Walking Dead" Figures

McFarlane Toys CEO Todd McFarlane spoke with CBR about the just-announced line of "Walking Dead" action figures, the differences between the comics and TV show toys, exploding zombie body parts and more.

Vankin Tours the LA Nightlife with

Vankin Tours the LA Nightlife with "Poseurs"

"LA Times" writer Deborah Vankin spoke with CBR News about her new graphic novel from Image Comics "Poseurs," a story that delves into the youth culture and nightlife of the Los Angeles party scene.

Larsen on

Larsen on "Savage Dragon" and "Herculian"

Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen spoke with CBR about the ongoing adventures of "Savage Dragon" and the upcoming giant-sized one-shot "Herculian," collecting his 24-Hour comic and other short stories.

PRESS RELEASE: "Elephantmen" #30 Gets J. Scott Campbell Cover, "M" Rating

AMC, McFarlane Toys Announce

AMC, McFarlane Toys Announce "Walking Dead" Action Figures

AMC is teaming with McFarlane Toys to produce a line of action figures based on characters from "The Walking Dead," the acclaimed TV series adapted from the comic of the same name.