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Charles Soule Turns

Charles Soule Turns "27"

There's a long list of musicians who died at the age of 27, and guitarist Will Garland could very well join it. His struggle to survive is at the heart of "27" and we spoke with writer Charles Soule to learn more.

LBCC: Lobdell Announces

LBCC: Lobdell Announces "The Butler" at Image

During his Long Beach Comic Con panel, industry veteran Scott Lobdell discussed the origins of Onslaught, his upcoming "Fathom" run and his new Image title with artist Dan Duncan, "The Butler."

Talking Comics with Kody Chamberlain

Talking Comics with Kody Chamberlain

"Sweets" creator Kody Chamberlain spoke with ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea about his Image Comics published, creator-owned New Orleans crime series, the documentation of his creative process on his blog, and more.

Revisiting Kirkman's Creator-Owned Manifesto

Revisiting Kirkman's Creator-Owned Manifesto

With a hit TV show and an aggressive publishing plan for his comics in place, Robert Kirkman is riding high, so what better time to look back at the video that kicked off his recent run as an Image partner.

"Walking Dead" A Ratings Smash

With 5.3 million viewers, the AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's zombie epic netted the biggest audience in the network's history and the biggest cable debut of the year.

The Women of

The Women of "The Walking Dead"

CSBG's Kelly Thompson looks at the female characters in Robert Kirkman's long-running zombie survival series and how they're portrayed on the printed page, from Lori Grimes to the katana-wielding Michonne and more.

Keep Up With

Keep Up With "The Walking Dead"

With the AMC television series debuting this weekend, CBR wants to make sure you're up to date with all of our "Walking Dead" coverage, so click here to shamble along with all of our interviews, previews and reviews!

Designing The Characters Of

Designing The Characters Of "Halcyon"

Marc Guggenheim and his new artistic partner Ryan Bodenheim take CBR readers inside the design of their Image/Collider superhero series "Halcyon" which bases the super team concept in the real world.

MORNING GLORY DAYS with Nick Spencer

MORNING GLORY DAYS with Nick Spencer

In CBR's inaugural edition of MORNING GLORY DAYS, series creator Nick Spencer discusses the origins of the title, its success thus far, the events of issue #3 and hints of what fates lie ahead for the Glories.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "The Walking Dead"

SPINOFF reviews the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead," calling the series premiere a success thanks to brilliant performances from Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James, not to mention Greg Nicotero's zombie effects.

PRESS RELEASE: "Choker" Scribe Imagines an Amnesiac Small Town in Image's "Memoir"


CBR At "The Walking Dead" Premiere

Cast, crew and the undead converged in Hollywood for the premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," where the series creator was in attendance, stars lined up for photos and zombies lumbered down the red carpet.

"The Walking Dead" Infects The World

On Tuesday, zombie hordes struck a number of the world's most iconic and famous landmarks. In Boston, Massachusetts, not even Rick Grimes himself could save the Washington Monument from the shambling undead.

NYCC: Enduring

NYCC: Enduring "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with "The Walking Dead" actors Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) and Jon Bernthal (Shane) about their time spent surviving the upcoming AMC zombie series.

"Underground": From Bootleg To Breakout

Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker explain how a posting of their Image series "Underground" on the infamous 4chan led to a massive sales boost thanks to Lieber's participation and how they plan on moving forward.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Announces "The Walking Dead Weekly" and New Omnibus

Image Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

Image Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in January, 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "Who Is Jake Ellis?," "Chew," "The Infinite Vacation" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Visit Image Comics at LBCC 2010 to win a "The Walking Dead" Prize Package

PRESS RELEASE: The Walking Dead Strikes Major Cities Worldwide Tomorrow

PRESS RELEASE: comiXology, Image Comics and Robert Kirkman Team Up to Debut "The Walking Dead" Series app


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Savage Dragon" #165

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive 9-page preview of "Savage Dragon" #165. Written and illustrated by creator Erik Larsen, Dragon's saga continues to unfold on Wednesday, October 27.

PRESS RELEASE: The Dead Walk at LBCC 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Skullkickers #2 Sells Out Almost Immediately After Release

PRESS RELEASE: AJ Lieberman takes on crime noir with Term Life OGN

CBR TV: Jane Wiedlin & Bill Morrison

CBR TV: Jane Wiedlin & Bill Morrison

Rock star and comics creator Jane Wiedlin (The Gogo’s) and comics creator Bill Morrison board the CBR Yacht to talk their space dominatrix series “Lady Robotika” and to enjoy a drink or two. Not to be missed!

Image Comics On Sale October 27, 2010

Image Comics On Sale October 27, 2010

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings you previews of titles on sale next week, including "Bulletproof Coffin" #5, "Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father" #5, "Weird World of Jack Staff" #5, and two more "Image Firsts!"

PRESS RELEASE: Tim Seeley Reveals Vlad's Origin in Hack/Slash: Me Without You One-shot from Image Comics

NYCC: Surviving

NYCC: Surviving "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with "The Walking Dead" actors Steven Yeun (Glenn), Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) about their experiences bringing the AMC zombie series to unlife.

Tim Seeley Goes To

Tim Seeley Goes To "Hell"

Tim Seeley discussed the rerelease of the entirety of "Lovebunny & Mr. Hell" in a brand new trade paperback. Plus, he gave us the lowdown on the status of the ongoing "Hack/Slash" series and two upcoming one-shots.


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye"

The first episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" lays the groundwork for a show more about the horror of survival than the horror of zombie hordes, though it certainly offers that in a moody, thoughtful series opener.

PRESS RELEASE: "Morning Glories" #2 and #3 Sell Out at Distribution Level


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Morning Glories" #3

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Morning Glories" #3 by Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo. The mystery continues to deepen tomorrow, October 20.


Third "Morning Glories" Teaser Surfaces

With the third issue of the "Morning Glories" hitting stores tomorrow, Image Comics has released a third teaser stating "The hour of our release draws near," promoting what is referred to as "the first message."


FIRST LOOK: "Chew" # 15 Tri-Fold Cover

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the special tri-fold cover for the fifteenth issue of "Chew," the critical and fan-favorite hit series by co-creators John Layman and Rob Guillory.

Image Releases Cryptic

Image Releases Cryptic "Morning Glories" Teaser

Image Comics has released a second teaser for "Morning Glories" #3 titled, like the previous one, "the first message" with new, different phrase scrawled in blood on a wall.

NYCC: Creating

NYCC: Creating "The Walking Dead"

CBR News spoke with "The Walking Dead" comic book creator and producer Robert Kirkman and director, writer and producer Frank Darabont about bringing their gory AMC zombie series to life.


Defend "Liberty" With Conan And Martha Washington

We spoke with "Liberty Annual" editor and CBLDF President Larry Marder as well as Dave Gibbons & Darick Robertson about the importance of freedom of speech and the continued work of the CBLDF.


NYCC: "Firebreather" Attacks New York

Cartoon Network treated fans to the world premiere of their new film "Firebreather," with creators Phil Hester & Andy Kuhn, writer Jim Kreig and director Peter Chung on hand afterward to discuss the movie with CBR.

Image Teases

Image Teases "Morning Glories" #3

Image Comics has sent out a teaser for "Morning Glories" #3 titled "the first message," with that an image of the words "The hour of our release falls near" scrawled on a brick wall in what appears to be a dungeon.

NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Spencer & Ward Take An

NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Spencer & Ward Take An "Infinite Vacation"

CBR News spoke with writer Nick Spencer ("Morning Glories") and illustrator Christian Ward ("Olympus") about "The Infinite Vacation," an all-new miniseries debuting in January from Image Comics.