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Jeffrey Brown Bids Darth Vader

Jeffrey Brown Bids Darth Vader "Goodnight"

Acclaimed cartoonist Jeffrey Brown tells CBR about going from "Goodnight, Darth Vader" to "Kids Are Weird" to "Jedi Academy" to "Change-Bots."

CBR TV: Jeffrey Brown & Tim Seeley

CBR TV: Jeffrey Brown & Tim Seeley

Jeffrey Brown and Tim Seeley took over CBR TV at C2E2, discussing Brown's "Incredible Change-Bots," the rise in popularity for Seeley's long-running "Hack/Slash" series since moving to Image and more.

Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Return

Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Return

Jeffrey Brown spoke with CBR about his process, humor, how the new volume of "Change-Bots" is more than just parody and why transforming robot comics aren't as different a project for him as it might seem to his fans.

Seasons Greetings From

Seasons Greetings From "The Incredible Change-Bots"

To wrap the holiday season, Top Shelf cartoonist Jeffrey Brown shares an EXCLUSIVE new strip featuring his soon to return Incredible Change-Bots inspired by the craziness of Christmas giving.