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C2E2: Marvel: From NOW! to Infinity

C2E2: Marvel: From NOW! to Infinity

Kieron Gillen, Rick Remender, Nick Spencer, Charles Soule, and more met with fans at C2E2 to discuss what's coming up at Marvel in the coming months, including the "Infinity" crossover.


Marvel's "Infinity" FCBD Issue Leaks Online

The latest in a series of high-profile advanced leaks, Marvel's "Infinity" Free Comic Book Day issue by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung has surfaced online in full nearly three weeks prior to its May 4 release.

Axel-In-Charge - 4/12/2013

Axel-In-Charge - 4/12/2013

With Marvel's event cards fully turned over, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso explains Jonathan Hickman's "Infinity" from its origins as an "Avengers" story to a crucial role for The Inhumans.

Marvel Unveils New

Marvel Unveils New "Infinity" Details

In a chat with fans, writer Jonathan Hickman and Editors Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso revealed new details about Marvel's "Infinity" event including artists, tie-ins and character appearances from cosmic heroes to the X-Men.

The Avengers Rocket Into

The Avengers Rocket Into "Infinity" In August

Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver send the Avengers into deep-space in the August-debuting "Infinity," pitting Earth's Mightiest Heroes against a new threat while Thanos focuses on earth.

Marvel's Teases Hickman & Cheung's FCBD Thanos Story:

Marvel's Teases Hickman & Cheung's FCBD Thanos Story: "Infinity"

Marvel Comics has released the first teaser for its Free Comic Book Day offering - a Thanos-starring image illustrated by Jim Cheung for a story by Cheung and Jonathan Hickman.