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Dan Abnett Plots a Third

Dan Abnett Plots a Third "Insurrection" at 2000 AD

Writer Dan Abnett tells CBR about his space epic set in the "Judge Dredd" universe, dismisses rumors about a "Warhammer 40K" tie-in and working without writing partner Andy Lanning.

Abnett on

Abnett on "Sinister Dexter" and 35 Years of "2000 AD"

Writer Dan Abnett talks about his enormous "2000 AD" output over the past two decades, his favorite thrills to write, what makes Pat Mills special, and the next chapter of "Sinister Dexter."

Blake Masters Leads

Blake Masters Leads "Insurrection v3.6"

"Brotherhood" writer Blake Masters envisions a future in which artificial man fights for the bottom line in "Insurrection v3.6" from BOOM! Studios. CBR News spoke with him about the series, which debuts this week.