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Latest "Avengers" Blu-ray Clip Casts Spotlight On Robert Downey Jr.

Ahead of the September 25 release of Marvel’s "The Avengers" on Blu-ray and DVD, Disney has debuted a clip from a behind-the-scenes featurette that focuses on Robert Downey Jr.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Tony Stark Armors Up In Land's

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Tony Stark Armors Up In Land's "Iron Man" #1 Interiors

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Greg Land's interior pages for "Iron Man" #1 written by Kieron Gillen. Tony Stark debuts a new suit of armor for Marvel NOW! in November.

Marvel Enacts Avengers Initiative For Mystery Game

Marvel Enacts Avengers Initiative For Mystery Game

Following the release of a mobile game teaser image, Marvel has released a new trailer for an unknown game featuring Nick Fury's activation of the Avengers Initiative after a mass super-villain escape from the Vault.

Marvel Comics Solicitations for November, 2012

Marvel Comics Solicitations for November, 2012

Marvel Comics has released its solicitations for comics on sale in November, 2012, including the debut of "Iron Man," "All-New X-Men," "Indestructible Hulk" and the final issues of Bendis' "Avengers" and "New Avengers."

Iron Man Armors Up In Land's

Iron Man Armors Up In Land's "Iron Man" #2 Cover

Greg Land depicts Tony Stark atop a background of armor in the cover for Marvel's "Iron Man" #2 written by Kieron Gillen. The Armored Avenger's Marvel NOW! adventures continue in November.

Gillen, Land Confirmed As New

Gillen, Land Confirmed As New "Invincible Iron Man" Creative Team

Kieron Gillen and Greg Land have been confirmed as the new creative team on "Invincible Iron Man" when the Marvel NOW! relaunch hits in November, with the writer discussing his plans for the armored Avenger.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Civil War" Prose Novel Adapted Into Audiobook

Marvel NOW! Brings Gillen & Land To

Marvel NOW! Brings Gillen & Land To "Iron Man"

Marvel Comics is ready to roll out the next wave of their Marvel NOW! relaunch titles, and today the publisher teased a new start for "Invincible Iron Man" from creators Keiron Gillen and Greg Land.

CCI: Downey Jr., Cheadle, Black & Feige Armor Up For

CCI: Downey Jr., Cheadle, Black & Feige Armor Up For "Iron Man 3"

Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Shane Black and Kevin Feige spoke with the press about "Iron Man 3," discussing the film's role in Marvel Studios' overall plan, the ever-evolving armor, unauthorized set photos and more.

First Look at Marvel's

First Look at Marvel's "Phase One" Cinematic Collection

Disney and Marvel have released the first look at the package for “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One -- Avengers Assembled," the 10-disc limited-edition Blu-ray collection arriving Sept. 25.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Hosts "Iron Man 3" Kids' Costume Contest At CCI

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Deluxe Announces San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Exclusives

Bloodied Iron Man Mask Dominates Latest Spider-Man

Bloodied Iron Man Mask Dominates Latest Spider-Man "War" Teaser

Iron Man joins Marvel's Spider-Man related "War" teasers with a shot of Tony Stark's mask, blood dripping from what appears to be dents or holes caused by bullets catching the golden Avenger full in the face.

Axel-In-Charge - 6/22/2012

Axel-In-Charge - 6/22/2012

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and his staff celebrate the wedding of Northstar in style in NYC while discussing artist changes and arc shortenings as Marvel moves to more than 12 issues a year.

Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Transformers 4: June 22nd Comic Reel

Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Transformers 4: June 22nd Comic Reel

A massive amount of "The Dark Knight Rises" viral marketing hits the web! Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy feature in a new "Amazing Spider-Man" clip! Michael Bay talks "Transformers 4!" Plus, "Black Panther" rumors and more!

"Marvel Pinball" Goes To the Third Dimension

Nintendo 3DS owners will soon get fully-realized pinball action with "Marvel Pinball 3D" featuring Iron Man, Blade, Captain America and the Fantastic Four.

Bunn Teams

Bunn Teams "Captain America" with "Hawkeye" & "Iron Man"

Bucky, Hawkeye, and in June, writer Cullen Bunn teams "Captain America & Iron Man" for his second arc on the title. CBR spoke with Bunn about his ever changing series.

"Avengers" Surpasses "Harry Potter," Becomes Third-Biggest Film Ever

Upping its total box office take to $1.331 billion worldwide over the weekend, Marvel’s "The Avengers" has become he third highest-grossing film of all time behind "Titanic" and "Avatar."

Downey Wanted Bill Murray For

Downey Wanted Bill Murray For "Iron Man," But Couldn’t Find Him

Robert Downey Jr. apparently had a role in mind for Bill Murray in Marvel’s "Iron Man," but didn’t know how to track down the famously inaccessible actor.

"The Avengers" Now #4 Grossing Movie Of All Time

Marvel’s "The Avengers" claimed the domestic box-office crown for the third weekend, earning an additional $55.1 million to help push its global total to nearly $1.2 billion and becoming the No. 4 release of all time.

"The Avengers" Becomes Biggest Disney Release Of All Time

Marvel's "The Avengers" crossed $1.07 billion worldwide on Thursday to become the sixth biggest film and the largest Disney release in history.


Whedon "Very Torn" About Returning For "Avengers 2"

"The Avengers" director Joss Whedon says he’s unsure about returning to helm the sequel to Marvel’s $1-billion blockbuster, saying, “It’s an enormous amount of work telling what is ultimately somebody else's story.”

"Avengers" Dethrones "Dark Knight" As Top Comic Book Adaptation Worldwide

Marvel's "The Avengers" has overtaken "The Dark Knight" to become the highest grossing comic book adaptation worldwide, with over $1 billion in box office take to date.

Whedon Explains

Whedon Explains "Avengers" Death

Well-established as a killer of beloved characters, from Joyce Summers to Shepherd Book to Winifred Burkle, writer/director Joss Whedon comes clean about a certain turn of events in Marvel’s "The Avengers."


PREVIEW: "Invincible Iron Man" #518

Marvel has released a preview for Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca's "Invincible Iron Man" #518. Discover the identity of the new Iron Man June 6.

Whedon Thanks Fans For

Whedon Thanks Fans For "Avengers" Success

Following the record-breaking opening of Marvel’s "The Avengers," director Joss Whedon has written a letter thanking his longtime fans for their years of support and for helping to make the movie a blockbuster hit.

The Top 10 Grossing Comic Book Movies of All Time

The Top 10 Grossing Comic Book Movies of All Time

With "The Avengers" breaking the all-time opening weekend record, CBR looks at the top ten grossing comic book movies of all time. UPDATED 5/15/12: "The Avengers" leapfrogs up the chart!

"The Avengers 2" Already In The Works

Less than a week after the premiere of "The Avengers," Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed there will be a sequel to Earth's Mightiest Movie following sequels to "Iron Man," "Thor" and "Captain America."

"The Avengers" Crosses $700 Million Mark In Under 2 Weeks

Marvel's "The Avengers" continues to break records, crossing the worldwide $700 million mark in under 2 weeks while extending its reach to other industries, causing a spike in Los Angeles shawarma sales.

"The Avengers" Continue To Smash Records, Takes In $207 Million In North American Opening Weekend

As Sunday's box office reports roll in with better-than-expected results, Marvel Studios has revised "The Avengers'" North American opening weekend's take to $207 million.

"The Avengers" Assembles an $80 Million Friday

As the summer movie season begins, Marvel's superhero team-up "The Avengers" earned $80.5 million Friday, putting the film in the position to break domestic opening-weekend records.

"The Avengers" Rakes In $18.7M In Thursday Midnight Screenings

Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" opened to $18.7 Million in midnight screenings across North America, displacing "The Dark Knight" as the record holder for the largest-ever midnight opening for a super hero film.

"Avengers'" Global Numbers On Track To Surpass $500 Million This Weekend

Current tracking has Marvel's blockbuster "The Avengers" poised to surpass ticket sales of $550 Million this weekend as the film opens in North America, China and Russia.

"The Avengers" Ticket Pre-Sales Surpass All Previous Marvel Films Combined

As if "The Avengers'" early tracking wasn't already impressive enough, the Joss Whedon-directed action film has now pre-sold more tickets than all the previous Marvel releases combined.

Captain America and Thor Battle Loki’s Army in New

Captain America and Thor Battle Loki’s Army in New "Avengers" Clip

Marvel has premiered a fourth clip from director Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" featuring a battle-weary Captain America and Thor facing Loki's army on a New York City street.

Stark and Loki Match Wits in New

Stark and Loki Match Wits in New "Avengers" Clip

The third clip from Marvel's "The Avengers" showcases a tense verbal showdown between Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Tom Hiddleston's Loki. The Joss Whedon-directed film opens May 4.


New "Avengers" Wallpapers Give Close-Up Look at Cast

From the Hulk to Mariah Hill, ten new wallpapers have been released offering the cleanest close-up look at the cast of Marvel's "The Avengers" - and their corresponding icons - to date.

Agent Coulson Receives His Own

Agent Coulson Receives His Own "Avengers" Poster

While celebrating his 50th birthday, Clark Gregg unveiled "The Avengers" character banner for fan-favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson -- aka, "the Son of Coul."


New "Avengers" TV Spot Reveals Loki's Minions

Two new television spots aired over the weekend for Marvel’s "The Avengers," providing audiences with their best look to date at Loki’s invading minions.

Immonen Gives Marquee Placement For

Immonen Gives Marquee Placement For "AVX VS" #1 Variant

Marvel has revealed Stuart Immonen's variant cover for "AVX VS" #1 modeled after a boxing marquee poster featuring the conflicts of Iron Man vs. Magneto and Thing vs. Namor. The battles begin April 25.