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Talking Comics With

Talking Comics With "Iron Patriot's" Garry Brown

ROBOT 6 contributor Tim O'Shea chats with the "Massive" artist about drawing the adventures of James Rhodes in Marvel's new "Iron Patriot."

PREVIEW: Kot & Brown's

PREVIEW: Kot & Brown's "Iron Patriot" #1

Check out a first look at Garry Brown's pages for "Iron Patriot" #1 written by Ales Kot. James Rhodes flies again on March 26.

VIDEO: Iron Patriot, Impossible Man Guest-Star on

VIDEO: Iron Patriot, Impossible Man Guest-Star on "Ultimate Spider-Man," "Avengers Assemble"

Disney XD's Marvel line-up gets more powerful as Iron Patriot guest-stars on "Ultimate Spider-Man" & Impossible Man pops in on "Avengers Assemble."

NYCC: Kot & Brown Prep

NYCC: Kot & Brown Prep "Iron Patriot" Ongoing

Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes takes on the "Iron Patriot" armor of Norman Osborn for a new series from Ales Kot and Garry Brown. The writer explains how domestic terrorism and a nihilistic threat impact the military hero.

Cheadle Suits Up For

Cheadle Suits Up For "Iron Man 3," Hopes for War Machine Movie

"Iron Man 3" actor Don Cheadle sits down with CBR News to discuss the physical challenges of his Iron Patriot suit, Shane Black taking over the franchise's director's chair and the possibilities of a War Machine film.


CBR REVIEW: "Iron Man 3"

Marvel and Disney's "Iron Man 3" is a genius action flick from director/screenwriter Shane Black that is as good, if not better, than the first "Iron Man" film.


IMAX "Iron Man 3" Poster Mashes Up Past Teasers

A newly-released IMAX "Iron Man 3" poster combines nearly every character poster released thus far, including Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Aldrich Killian and the Mandarin.

"Iron Man 3" Teaser, Pics Promise Bad TImes for Tony Stark & Co.

A 17-second teaser for "Iron Man 3" briefly shows the new suit in action, Gwenyth Paltrow in trouble and a first look at Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin while a new pic showcases Iron Patriot. The full trailer premieres Tuesday.

New Armor in

New Armor in "Iron Man 3" Set Photos is Not Iron Patriot

The red, white and blue armor seen in "Iron Man 3" set photos is not the villainous Iron Patriot -- but who is the armor for? SPINOFF has the details.

The Dark Avengers Meet Their Doom

The Dark Avengers Meet Their Doom

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with a teaser for what appears to be a December event where Doctor Doom and the Iron Patriot come to blows. The story will be by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Lark and David Finch.

The Iron Patriot Acts

The Iron Patriot Acts

CBR News received today a new teaser image from Marvel Comics in support of what they're calling "The Iron Patriot Acts." You're going to have to check this one out for yourself....

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel asks: Who is the Iron Patriot?