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Tom Cruise’s 6 Best Action Scenes: From

Tom Cruise’s 6 Best Action Scenes: From "Top Gun" to "Mission: Impossible"

With the sci-fi thriller "Edge of Tomorrow" arriving today in theaters, SPINOFF looks back at some of Cruise’s coolest action-hero moments.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Jack Reacher"

Between a woefully miscast Tom Cruise, a sadly underutilized supporting cast and a litany of terrible one-liners, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie's "Jack Reacher" disappoints on nearly all fronts.

"Jack Reacher" Director, Actors Talk Car Chases & Casting Tom Cruise

"Jack Reacher" writer/director Christopher McQuarrie led a discussion on the controversy surrounding the casting of Tom Cruise in the lead role, working with Werner Herzog and shooting the film's big car-chase sequence.