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What "Ms. Marvel" Gets Right About Comic Book Violence

Noah Berlatsky contrasts the graphic violence in "Gotham" to the subdued approach in "Ms. Marvel," and ponders which is truly more realistic.

PREVIEW: Gerard Way & Jake Wyatt's

PREVIEW: Gerard Way & Jake Wyatt's "Edge of Spider-Verse" #5

"Umbrella Academy" creator Gerard Way makes his Marvel Comics debut in "Edge of Spider-Verse" #5, introducing SP//dr with artist Jake Wyatt.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: Wilson's "Ms. Marvel" #7, Hickman's "New Avengers" #23

Wolverine meets Kamala Khan for the first time in "Ms. Marvel" #7 and the fractured Illuminati prepare for an incursion in Marvel's "New Avengers" #23.

Heroic Identity of Wilson's

Heroic Identity of Wilson's "Ms. Marvel" Continues To Take Shape

"Ms. Marvel" writer G. Willow Wilson discusses what lies ahead for young Kamala Khan, including a team-up with the de-powered Wolverine and the Inhumans.


EXCLUSIVE: Marvel's "Edge of Spider-Verse" Solicitations

The larger "Spider-Verse" world will be explored this September and October, in a five-issue miniseries from Gerard Way, Richard Isanove and more.

Lowe, Hine & Latour Take Readers to the

Lowe, Hine & Latour Take Readers to the "Edge of Spider-Verse"

Nick Lowe, David Hine & Jason Latour reveal "Edge of Spider-Verse," a 5-issue event prelude to "Spider-Verse" featuring Gerard Way's Marvel debut.

PREVIEW: Doc Ock, Abomination Return in

PREVIEW: Doc Ock, Abomination Return in "Indestructible Hulk Special" #1

Marvel has released a preview of Mike Costa and Jake Wyatt's "Indestructible Hulk Special" #1. The mystery which launched surrounding the return of Doctor Octopus continues Oct. 16.