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"Robots in Disguise" & "More than Meets the Eye" Collide in "Transformers: Dark Cybertron"

Writers John Barber & James Roberts discuss the "Transformers: Dark Cybertron" crossover, what Phil Jimenez brings to the art and tease a new series.


There's "More Than Meets the Eye" in Roberts' "Transformers"

Writer James Roberts spoke with CBR News about his "Transformers Spotlight: Hoist" & "Trailcutter" one-shots, while gearing up for the "Remain in Light" storyline in "More Than Meets the Eye."

Chris Ryall Looks Forward with IDW

Chris Ryall Looks Forward with IDW

IDW Publishing Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall spoke with CBR about the state of the publisher, long-running and new licenses, creator-owned comics and creator rights, and much more.

Barber and Roberts Build

Barber and Roberts Build "Transformers" Civilization

CBR spoke to "Transformers" ongoing series writers John Barber & James Roberts about their titles,"Robots in Disguise" & "More Than Meets the Eye," and building a complex world beyond giant fighting robots.

IDW Teases Its Second

IDW Teases Its Second "Transformers" Ongoing

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive teaser image hinting at the hopes and dreams of Bumblebee's Cybertron in the pages of "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" by John Barber and Andrew Griffith

IDW Teases Two

IDW Teases Two "Transformers" Series

IDW Publishing has released promo images for "Transformers: Autocracy," a born-digital series by Flint Dille, Chris Metzen & Livio Ramondelli, and "Transformers: More than Meets The Eye."

PRESS RELEASE: Two All-New "Transformers" Series Debut in January from IDW

Barber & Roberts Plot the Future of IDW's Transformers Titles

Barber & Roberts Plot the Future of IDW's Transformers Titles

"Last Stand of the Wreckers" scribe James Roberts and new IDW editor John Barber spoke with CBR about launching two new ongoing "Transformer" series in January, "More than Meets the Eye" and "Robots in Disguise."

Two Series, Two Missions For IDW's

Two Series, Two Missions For IDW's "Transformers"

In the wake of the "Death of Optimus Prime," IDW's Transformers Universe sees the Autobots split leadership between Rodimus Prime and Bumblebee for two new ongoings: "More Than Meets The Eye" and "Robots In Disguise."

The Future of

The Future of "Transformers" & the Death of Optimus Prime

During a press conference call Wednesday, IDW's John Barber and Hasbro's Michael Kelly discussed plans for "Transformers" post-"Chaos," including December's "The Death of Optimus Prime" and two new ongoing series.

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