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The Terror That Flaps In The Night Rises: Sparrow & Silvani on Darkwing Duck's Return

The Terror That Flaps In The Night Rises: Sparrow & Silvani on Darkwing Duck's Return

"Darkwing Duck" returns in a 'definitively dangerous' collection, and James Silvani and Aaron Sparrow discuss plans for our hero's future

Joe Books'

Joe Books' "Darkwing Duck" Omnibus to Lead into New Ongoing

"Darkwing Duck" artist James Silvani has confirmed that the Joe Books omnibus for the former BOOM! Studios series will lead into a new ongoing.

Ian Brill Looks Back on

Ian Brill Looks Back on "Darkwing Duck"

In an extensive interview, "Darkwing Duck" writer Ian Brill reflects on his time with the Masked Mallard, shares thoughts on the series' impact and addresses comments made by a former colleague. Plus, CBR has the full first issue!

Silvani & Sparrow Reflect on

Silvani & Sparrow Reflect on "Darkwing Duck"

Artist James Silvani and former editor Aaron Sparrow spoke with CBR News, reflecting on the beginning and end of the BOOM! Studios-published "Darkwing Duck" comic.

PRESS RELEASE: Boom! Studios at Long Beach Comic Con


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Darkwing Duck" #4

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR presents an exclusive, extended preview of "Darkwing Duck" #4 by Ian Brill and James Silvani. Comic books continue to get dangerous next Wednesday, September 22.

PRESS RELEASE: "Darkwing Duck" #1 Sells Out, Goes to Second Printing

Silvani Gets Dangerous with

Silvani Gets Dangerous with "Darkwing Duck"

He is the terror that flaps in the night. He is the cartoon that holds up surprisingly well after twenty years. We spoke with artist James Silvani about the return of "Darkwing Duck," on sale today from BOOM! Studios.

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios Gets Dangerous with Darkwing Duck