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Pipeline - 3/12/2013

Pipeline - 3/12/2013

Augie recaps the weekend's Marvel/ComiXology free comics meltdown with a trip down memory lane, catches up on James Stokoe's wonderful "Orc Stain" and takes a quick look at the week in comic news.

James Stokoe, Mark Andrew Smith Clash Over

James Stokoe, Mark Andrew Smith Clash Over "Sullivan's Sluggers"

On the heels of a second Kickstarter campaign for "Sullivan's Sluggers," artist James Stokoe has asked that his name be removed from the graphic novel, triggering a pointed response from writer Mark Andrew Smith.

Mark Andrew Smith on

Mark Andrew Smith on "Sullivan's Sluggers" & Super-Villain Schools

Mark Andrew Smith speaks on the cusp of the release of his and James Stokoe's "Sullivan's Sluggers," discussing an eventual return to Kickstarter and new "Gladstone's School for World Conquerors" tales.

Cover of the Week - September 19

Cover of the Week - September 19

This week, the King of Monsters wreaks havoc, Lobster Johnson keeps watch over the city, Danielle Moonstar goes techno (-organic), Frank Castle strolls out of the sunset and Matt Murdock gets stripped down.

James Stokoe Tackles Giant Monsters in

James Stokoe Tackles Giant Monsters in "Godzilla: The Half-Century War"

"Orc Stain" creator James Stokoe talks about his love for Godzilla and his work as writer and artist of the IDW miniseries "Godzilla: The Half-Century War."

Mark Andrew Smith Kickstarts

Mark Andrew Smith Kickstarts "Sullivan's Sluggers"

Writer Mark Andrew Smith talks to ROBOT 6 about crowdfunding his baseball-meets-monsters graphic novel, "Sullivan's Sluggers," with artist James Stokoe.

Comics A.M. - Thousands Turned Away From Calgary Comic Expo

Comics A.M. - Thousands Turned Away From Calgary Comic Expo

Fire marshal declares Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo over capacity! Neil Gaiman talks with Stephen King! Interviews with James Stokoe and Nick Abadzis! Iowa town lays claim to Hawkeye! Plus more!

Collecting Stokoe's

Collecting Stokoe's "Orc Stain"

Writer/illustrator James Stokoe spoke with CBR about the first arc of "Orc Stain," currently available in trade paperback, as well as the over 100 pages of free comic books he uploaded to his blog earlier this month.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Halcyon" #2, "Orc Stain"

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive extended preview of "Halcyon" #2 and the complete first issue of James Stokoe's "Orc Stain" from the first collection, on sale December 8.

"Sullivan's Sluggers" Step Up To The Plate

Mark Andrew Smith spoke with us about and shared art from "Sullivan's Sluggers," his upcoming Image graphic novel illustrated by James Stokoe about a baseball team tasked with fighting hordes of man-eating monsters.

PRESS RELEASE: America's Favorite Pastime Becomes a Nightmare in "Sullivan's Sluggers"

BCC: James Stokoe Makes An

BCC: James Stokoe Makes An "Orc Stain"

"Wonton Soup" creator James Stokoe brings his newest ongoing series "Orc Stain" to Image Comics. CBR News spoke with the writer-artist about the many, many orcs that inhabit this fantasy-filled world.

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