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SDCC:  Ackles, Padalecki Look to

SDCC: Ackles, Padalecki Look to "Supernatural's" 10th Season

At Comic-Con International, the stars of the long-running CW series talked about Demon Dean, brotherly bonds and ghosts from the Winchesters' past.


SDCC: "Supernatural" Tends to Fallen Angels

Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and the cast and producers "Supernatural" entertained fans at Comic-Con International with teasers for Season 9, slapstick antics and stories of guns and the Impala.

"Supernatural" Writers Return Drama to Its Hellish Roots in Season 8

"Supernatural" writers Adam Glass, Daniel Loflin, Andrew Dabb, Robbie Thompson and Jenny Klein discuss the current current season of the long-running drama, and what lies ahead for Sam and Dean Winchester.

"Supernatural" Takes Sam and Dean From Purgatory to Gates of Hell

With the eighth season of "Supernatural" premiering tonight, executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer discuss what to expect as the Winchester brothers reunite and set out on a new mission to close the Gates of Hell.


SPINOFF: "Supernatural" Possesses PaleyFest

The cast and crew of The CW's long-running hit series "Supernatural" took to the stage during PaleyFest to discuss the show's past and present while dropping hints about its future. SPINOFF has a full report.

SPINOFF: Glass Talks the Future of

SPINOFF: Glass Talks the Future of "Supernatural"

With "Supernatural" making its midseason return tonight, SPINOFF spoke with co-executive producer Adam Glass about writing for the show, what fans can expect from the final 11 episodes of the season and more.


CCI: "Supernatural" Screening, Q&A

During the panel at Comic-Con International for The CW's "Supernatural," the cast and producers talked about the apocalypse-averting season finale, and the significant change in direction that lies ahead.


CCI" The "Supernatural" Panel

Cast and crew of the popular CW series "Supernatural" were on hand at Comic- Con International to talk about season four, Dean going to Hell and back, and to show the first five minutes of the new season.