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"Fringe's" Jasika Nicole on Bringing Astrid and Alt-Astrid Face to Face

Actress Jasika Nicole discusses tonight's emotional episode of "Fringe," "Making Angels," in which her character Astrid meets her Other Side counterpart for the first time.

PRESS RELEASE: "Fringe" Stars Head to Calgary Expo in April 2012

ECCC: The Faces of

ECCC: The Faces of "Fringe"

Co-stars John Noble and Jasika Nicole did their best to straighten out a universe or two for fans of the Fox sci-fi drama during the "Fringe" panel at Emerald City Comicon. SPINOFF has the full report.

"Fringe's" Jasika Nicole talks Season Finale

Jasika Nicole spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE and teased that in this week's season finale of "Fringe," Astrid will have an alternate ending and that the closing scenes will shift the direction of the FOX show dramatically.

"Fringe" Reveals The Secrets Of "Peter"

The mysterious origins of Peter Bishop are revealed on an all-new episode of "Fringe" and we spoke with John Noble (Walter Bishop) about how the revelation affects his character's relationship with the rest of the cast.