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C2E2: Lowe Celebrates a Future Marvel Milestone with

C2E2: Lowe Celebrates a Future Marvel Milestone with "100th Anniversary"

Senior Editor Nick Lowe discusses Marvel's "100th Anniversary" mini-series and looking ahead to Marvel's approach to characters in 2061.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Batgirl: Wanted" Continues in "Nightwing Annual" #1

Is anything left between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon? Kyle Higgins and Jason Masters try to answer that question in "Nightwing Annual" #1!


REVIEW: "Batman Incorporated" #10

Greg McElhatton gives "Batman Incorporated" #10 by Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Jason Masters & Andrei Bressan 4 stars, saying, "Everything's aligning in a manner that promises an explosive conclusion."


REVIEW: "Detective Comics" #19

Greg McElhatton gives "Detective Comics" #19 4 stars, calling the 900th consecutive issue of DC's flagship series by John Layman, James Tynion and a giant art team "a nice way to turn 900."