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Kidwell, Zornow Declare an Undead Uprising in

Kidwell, Zornow Declare an Undead Uprising in "'68: Rules of War"

The zombies aren't the only things to be afraid in "'68: Rule of War," a new four issue series from Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos

Kidwell Faces

Kidwell Faces "Hardship," Drafts "Jungle Jim" for "'68"

Writer Mark Kidwell broadens his Vietnam-era zombie epic "'68" with a pair of new one-shots, "Hardship" and "Jungle Jim," coming out through Image Comics.


EXTENDED PREVIEWS: "Hack/Slash," "Tyrannosaurus Rex"

Image Comics has provided CBR with extended looks at Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash" #1 and "Tyrannosaurus Rex" by Mark Kidwell, Jay Fotos and Jeff Zornow, both on sale February 9.

PRESS RELEASE: Man Meets Dinosaur in "Tyrannosaurus Rex" from Image

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