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Brown Returns to the Autobiographical Realm with

Brown Returns to the Autobiographical Realm with "A Matter of Life"

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with Jeffrey Brown about his latest book from Top Shelf, "A Matter of Life," touching on the inclusion of his family in his comics and the process of working with musicians.

CAKE Brings An Alt Comics Show To Chicago At Last

CAKE Brings An Alt Comics Show To Chicago At Last

In its first year, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo brought acclaimed local talent from Jeffrey Brown to Lilli Carré and more for a festival built on community and looking to expand national art comics events beyond the coasts.

Father's Day Flashback: Jeffrey Brown on

Father's Day Flashback: Jeffrey Brown on "Darth Vader & Son"

In honor of Father's Day, take a look back at CBR's interview with cartoonist Jeffrey Brown on his exploration of the father-son dynamic in "Darth Vader and Son" from Chronicle Books

Jeffrey Brown Reunites

Jeffrey Brown Reunites "Darth Vader and Son"

"Incredible Change-Bots" cartoonist Jeffrey Brown imagines family life in the Skywalker household in "Darth Vader and Son," available next week from Chronicle Books. CBR spoke with Brown about the project.

PRESS RELEASE: KaBOOM!'s "Adventure Time" #1 Sells Out

Jeffrey Brown Brings

Jeffrey Brown Brings "Save The Date" To Sundance

The cartoonist behind acclaimed autobiographical and satirical comics turns his talent to film, writing the screenplay for the wedding dramedy "Save The Date" starring Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie which debuts this week at Sundance.

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios and Cartoon Network Enterprises Make it "Adventure Time"

CCI: Indie Creators Reflect on

CCI: Indie Creators Reflect on "Strange Tales II"

Indie comics creators such as Jhonen Vasquez& Jeffrey Brown look back at their outlandish stories for Marvel's "Strange Tales II" collection

CBR TV: Jeffrey Brown & Tim Seeley

CBR TV: Jeffrey Brown & Tim Seeley

Jeffrey Brown and Tim Seeley took over CBR TV at C2E2, discussing Brown's "Incredible Change-Bots," the rise in popularity for Seeley's long-running "Hack/Slash" series since moving to Image and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing More Guests for Stumptown Comics Festival 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Green Lantern Member Card Tops CBLDF's 2011 Membership Offerings

Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Return

Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Return

Jeffrey Brown spoke with CBR about his process, humor, how the new volume of "Change-Bots" is more than just parody and why transforming robot comics aren't as different a project for him as it might seem to his fans.

Seasons Greetings From

Seasons Greetings From "The Incredible Change-Bots"

To wrap the holiday season, Top Shelf cartoonist Jeffrey Brown shares an EXCLUSIVE new strip featuring his soon to return Incredible Change-Bots inspired by the craziness of Christmas giving.

CCI: Jeffrey Brown's

CCI: Jeffrey Brown's "Change-Bots" Return

Top Shelf Publishing announced "Incredible Change-Bots Two" at CCI and ROBOT 6 spoke with creator Jeffrey Brown about the return to his parody of '80s Transformers and Go-Bots action figures.

Archaia Returns to

Archaia Returns to "Fraggle Rock"

Creators Heather White, Jeffery Brown and Katie Cook all dance their cares away and leave their worries for another day as they discuss their involvement with Archaia's newest ongoing series, "Fraggle Rock."

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