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EXCLUSIVE: Barry and Wells Talk Time Travel in New

EXCLUSIVE: Barry and Wells Talk Time Travel in New "The Flash" Clip

In a CBR-exclusive clip from tonight's episode, Barry Allen, Harrison Wells, Detective West and Cisco Ramon ponder the possibility of time travel.

Firestorm Arrives in New

Firestorm Arrives in New "The Flash" Stills

In a slew of new stills from "The Nuclear Man," Firestorm appears front and center alongside the STAR Labs team.

"The Flash" Runs Towards "The Man in the Yellow Suit" in Latest Photos

The next "Flash" episode is titled "The Man in the Yellow Suit," and the Reverse Flash isn't far behind -- here are images from the midseason finale.


COMIC REEL: Goyer On "Constantine's" Occult Expansion; "Arrow's" Laurel Toughens Up

David S. Goyer hints that we will see some mystical DC characters in the first few episodes of the NBC horror drama; Katie Cassidy says Arrow "needs Black Canary" and more.

Jesse L. Martin's

Jesse L. Martin's "Flash" Role Is So Human, It's 'Almost Superhuman'

The "Law & Order" vet takes on the challenge of being the grounded good guy among "The Flash's" super-fast-paced superhero action.

CBR TV: Cavanagh, Martin & Shipp Divulge Some

CBR TV: Cavanagh, Martin & Shipp Divulge Some "The Flash" Facts

Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin & original "Flash" actor John Wesley Shipp visit the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con to discuss all things "The Flash."

"The Flash" Cast Discuss Characters, Allegiance to Fans

A series of interview videos with the cast of "The Flash" reveal new details about character and plot of the upcoming CW drama.

Jesse L. Martin Added to

Jesse L. Martin Added to "Flash" Pilot as "Detective West"

The "Law & Order" vet is the first actor to join Grant Gustin on the potential series, co-starring in "The Flash" pilot as "Detective West."