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Chadwick Slices Into

Chadwick Slices Into "Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga"

DC Comics Senior Editor Jim Chadwick tells CBR about the first English translation of Jiro Kuwata's 1960s take on Batman and his Digital First approach.

C2E2: DC's Batman Panel Makes 75 Years

C2E2: DC's Batman Panel Makes 75 Years "Eternal"

DC Comics celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Dark Knight with Scott Snyder and collaborators speaking on "Batman Eternal's" big plan and the future of the Joker.

C2E2: DC All Access Panel

C2E2: DC All Access Panel

A Chicago mash-up of DC Comics and Vertigo talent collide at DC's All Access panel featuring Brian Azzarello, Kyle Higgins, Art N Frano and more discuss their series and the future of DC in Chicago.

WC13: DC All Access

WC13: DC All Access

DC Comics kicked off WonderCon 2013 with an overview of things to come for both the DC Universe and the publisher's Vertigo imprint in a panel featuring some of the industry's top talent.