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Comics A.M. - Taiwan

Comics A.M. - Taiwan "One Piece" Exhibit Draws 100,000 in First Week

Fans flock to first "One Piece" exhibition of its kind outside of Japan! Jim Salicrup talks Papercutz! Jimmy Gownley on "Amelia Rules!" and "The Dumbest Idea Ever"!

Gownley Follows Up

Gownley Follows Up "Amelia Rules" with "The Dumbest Idea Ever!"

The cartoonist behind "Amelia Rules" talks about his new book, a graphic memoir that tells the story of why he became a cartoonist

Comics A.M. - James Sturm on Why He's Boycotting

Comics A.M. - James Sturm on Why He's Boycotting "The Avengers"

James Sturm boycotting "The Avengers" movie over Jack Kirby's "raw deal"! Michael Chabon on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's falling out! Jimmy Gownley on taking a break from "Amelia Rules"! Plus much more!

PRESS RELEASE: "Ameila Rules!" publishing rights aquired by Ginee Seo Books