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EXCL. PREVIEW: Diggle Makes A Deal In Bludhaven In

EXCL. PREVIEW: Diggle Makes A Deal In Bludhaven In "Arrow Season 2.5" #3

Marc Guggenheim checks off the items on the vigilante's shopping list in this run-up to the show's third season.

Guggenheim Promises New Saga, Returning Villains In

Guggenheim Promises New Saga, Returning Villains In "Arrow Season 2.5"

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim explains how the digital tie-in to the hit TV series will resurrect some bad blood as the story races toward the S3 premiere.

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim Gives an Early Tease of Season 3

Guggenheim tells CBR how Oliver Queen and his band of merry men will be looking to redefine themselves as the hit CW series enters its third season.

DC Sets

DC Sets "Arrow" Digital Return, "The Flash" Digital Debut for September

DC Comics will release "Arrow: Season 2.5" and "The Flash: Season Zero" as digital-first comic series in September.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Barbiere & Bennett's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Barbiere & Bennett's "Solar: Man of the Atom" #1

Dynamite's "Solar: Man of the Atom" #1 starts with an accident as Frank J. Barbiere & Joe Bennett deliver a spark in the latest Gold Key relaunch.

Frank Barbiere on the Sci-Fi Spin of

Frank Barbiere on the Sci-Fi Spin of "Solar: Man of the Atom"

"Five Ghosts" & "White Suits" writer Frank Barbiere opens the next phase of Dynamite's Gold Key relaunch with a family man gifted with godlike sci-fi powers.


PREVIEW: "Iron Metropolitan" Finale Arrives in "Iron Man" #22

CBR has a preview of the grand finale of "Iron Metropolitan" in Kieron Gillen and Joe Bennett's "Iron Man" #22!


Gillen's "Iron Man" Pits Tony Stark Against the Mandarin's Legacy

Kieron Gillen catches CBR up on "Iron Metropolitan," which pits Tony Stark against the Mandarin's sentient rings and upcoming "Iron Man Annual."

EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite Debuts First

EXCLUSIVE: Dynamite Debuts First "Turok" Pages, New Variants

Dynamite has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at interior art from Greg Pak's "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter," solicitation info and two new variants.


Gillen's "Secret Origin" Redefines "Iron Man's" World

Writer Kieron Gillen tells CBR about the fallout from "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark" and how it affects Tony Stark moving into "Iron Metropolotian."

Guggenheim Questions Everything for

Guggenheim Questions Everything for "Adventures of Superman" Story

Writer and "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim discusses "Tears of Krypton," a three-part "Adventures of Superman" story asking some pointed questions about the DC Comics icon's origins.

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Gillen & Tony Stark Build the City of the Future in

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Gillen & Tony Stark Build the City of the Future in "Iron Metropolitan"

CBR spoke with "Iron Man" writer Kieron Gillen about November's "Iron Metropolitan" arc which finds Tony Stark back on Earth, redefining the idea of future living and operating in the shadow of the Mandarin.


REVIEW: "A+X" #5

Kelly Thompson gives "A+X" #5 4 stars, calling the short-story issue by Kathryn Immonen, David LaFuente, Kieron Gillen and Joe Bennett "one of the best yet with chemistry laden pairings."

DC Reveals Creative Teams for

DC Reveals Creative Teams for "Deathstoke," "Grifter" & "The Savage Hawkman"

DC Comics has announced the writers and artists joining "Deathstroke" writer/artist Rob Liefeld on "Grifter" and "The Savage Hawkman" with a glimpse at Liefeld's new cover art.

Higgins Revives

Higgins Revives "Deathstroke"

Once again a lethal Terminator, the man known as Slade Wilson is upping his kill quotient in one of DC Comics New 52 series. Kyle Higgins explains the extreme action that drives the new "Deathstroke."


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Justice League: Generation Lost" #19

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Justice League: Generation Lost" #19 by Judd Winick and Joe Bennett. The next chapter in Max Lord's resurrection hits Wednesday, February 9.

PRESS RELEASE: Moonstone Launches "Neutral World"

Terror Titans Stand the Test of (Clock King’s) Time

Terror Titans Stand the Test of (Clock King’s) Time

Spinning out from the pages of his own “Teen Titans” ongoing, Sean McKeever is penning a “Terror Titans” miniseries beginning in October. The writer spoke to CBR News about the Joe Bennett-illustrated project.

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