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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Grimm Fairy Tales" #101

A new era begins! The four realms of power are all at Sela Mather's fingertips and life for the Guardian of Earth will never be the same in "GFT" #101.

Zenescope Co-Founders Discuss

Zenescope Co-Founders Discuss "Grimm Fairy Tales" #100, Controversial Covers

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco celebrate 100 issues of "Grimm Fairy Tales," the Dark Queen's triumph and talk Zenescope's controversial covers.

Zenescope President Not Worried About

Zenescope President Not Worried About "Comic Snobs"

Zenescope president and co-founder Joe Brusha spoke in-depth with CBR about the niche "Grimm Fairy Tales" fills in the comics industry, and why he's OK with not being able to please everyone. UPDATED with exclusive art.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Grimm Fairy Tales" Universe Crossover Event

Zenescope Takes Flight to

Zenescope Takes Flight to "Neverland"

Writer, creator and Zenescope President Joe Brusha sheds light on the publisher's newest "Grimm Fairy Tales" miniseries, "Neverland," which will take readers to a very different place than the one they may remember from childhood.