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Read the Full Issue:

Read the Full Issue: "Gødland" #25

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents "Gødland" #25 in it's entirety! The Joe Casey written and Tom Scioli illustrated issue will be collected in "Gødland, Vol. 5: Far Beyond the Bang," which hits stores April 14.

WC10: Image Comics

WC10: Image Comics

Erik Larsen, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey, Richard Starkings, Frank Cho and Jonathan Ross met with fans at WonderCon to discuss the next batch of projects from Image Comics, and CBR was there.

WC10: Casey Has An

WC10: Casey Has An "Officer Downe"

Announced at WonderCon, "Nixon's Pals" collaborators Joe Casey and Chris Burnham are reuniting for "Officer Downe," a new one-shot from Image Comics. CBR spoke with Casey to learn more about the project.

PRESS RELEASE: Man of Action Creators to Appear with Image Comics at Wondercon

Joe Casey Talks

Joe Casey Talks "Superman/Batman"

The Man of Action speaks frankly about his “Our Worlds at War” Aftermath story arc beginning in "Superman/Batman" #69, due in stores later this month from DC Comics. UPDATED

Casey Reveals

Casey Reveals "Avengers: The Origin"

In the classic "Avengers" #1, fans saw how the original Avengers came together, but in the five issue mini-series "Avengers: The Origin," writer Joe Casey and artist Phil Noto tell the untold story of how they became a team.

Casey Counts the Ways of

Casey Counts the Ways of "Zodiac"

In anticipation of Joe Casey and Nathan Fox's final issue of gonzo villainy, the writer of "Dark Reign: Zodiac" talked with CBR News and explained the method behind the madness of Marvel's newest super villain.

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk "Doc Bizarre, M.D."

The creative team behind "Charlatan Ball" is at it again with an all-new series titled "Doc Bizarre, M.D." CBR News caught up with Joe Casey and Andy Suriano for an exclusive chat about all things "Bizarre."

Joe Casey Meets the Bad Guys

Joe Casey Meets the Bad Guys

Writer Joe Casey ruminates on the methods and madness of supervillains with Alex Ross in Dynamite's "Project Superpowers: Meet the Bad Guys," which debuts in August.

Alex Ross & Dynamite Invite You to Meet the Bad Guys

Alex Ross & Dynamite Invite You to Meet the Bad Guys

A series spotlighting the "bad guys" and "bad girls" of "Project Superpowers" - plotted by Alex Ross and scripted by Joe Casey - "Project Superpowers: Meet the Bad Guys" begins in August.



Joe Casey goes in-depth with CBR on his ultra-violent new miniseries that introduces readers to Zodiac, a villain's villain whose ultimate goal is to take out the big poppa himself, Norman Osborn. Plus exclusive art.

Joe Casey “Dances” with Super Young Team in

Joe Casey “Dances” with Super Young Team in "Final Crisis Aftermath"

What can you expect from Joe Casey's six-issue miniseries featuring the Super Young Team? Well, amongst other things, you may just see Most Excellent Superbat make out with himself. Want to know more? Read on.

WC: Casey Talks “Dark Reign: Zodiac”

WC: Casey Talks “Dark Reign: Zodiac”

This summer, the question of “What’s your sign?” takes on a whole new meaning when Marvel's new three issue “Dark Reign: Zodiac” mini-series begins. CBR News spoke with writer Joe Casey about the series.

FIRST LOOK: Cassaday's Final

FIRST LOOK: Cassaday's Final "Death-Defying" Cover

Get a sneak peak behind John Cassaday's final contribution to the "Project Superpowers" spinoff "Death-Defying 'Devil," plus some story details from writer Joe Casey.

MEN ON ACTION: Joe Casey Cracks

MEN ON ACTION: Joe Casey Cracks "Codeflesh" Code w/ Duncan Rouleau

Joe Casey, a writer with a foot in the mainstream and the creator-owned world, discusses with Duncan Rouleau maintaining a creative balance and the return of his cult sci-fi series "Codeflesh."

Salazar Talks

Salazar Talks "Death Defying 'Devil"

Artist Edgar Salazar talks to CBR about he and Joe Casey’s “Project Superpowers” spinoff, “Death Defying ‘Devil,” including the inspiration he derives from cover artists Alex Ross, John Romita, Sr. and John Cassaday.

Pipeline - 11/11/2008

Pipeline - 11/11/2008

In this week's PIPELINE, Augie talks about what "Wall-E" can teach us about comics and what makes it unique in the Pixar pantheon. Plus, Rob Liefeld's original "Youngblood" story is back, rescripted. What does Joe Casey add?

Joe Casey Deals With The ‘Devil

Joe Casey Deals With The ‘Devil

CBR talks to writer Joe Casey, who drops hints on the many surprise guest stars that flesh out the three-issue “Project Superpowers” spinoff “Death Defying ‘Devil,” coming in December from Dynamite Entertainment.

McCain and Obama in the Marvel Universe?

McCain and Obama in the Marvel Universe?

Joe Casey shares with CBR his pitch for "Executive Power," a Marvel series you'll never see that would've starred the winner of the U.S. Presidential election and depicted his dealings with superheroes.

Man of Action: Four new projects with Image

Man of Action: Four new projects with Image

Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Roulea, known collectively as Man of Action, spin tales of drunken werewolves, existential detectives and super bail bondsmen in four new release at Image Comics.

Dynamite Announce's

Dynamite Announce's "Death Defying 'Devil" Series

Dynamite Entertainment announced today a new "Project Superpowers" spin-off, "The Death Defying 'Devil" #1, to be written by Joe Casey with art by Edgar Salazar.

PRESS RELEASE: All New "Youngblood" TPB announced

The Road To Enlightenment Leads to GØDLAND

The Road To Enlightenment Leads to GØDLAND

Writer Joe Casey enlightens CBR News about his Eisner-nominated series “Gødland,” clears up speculation on the book's end, and gives us a tease of what is to come next.

Image Comics on Indie Radio

Image Comics on Indie Radio

Image Comics creators Rob Schrab, Joe Casey, Mark Sable along with cartoonist Lela Lee took to the airwaves in Los Angeles last week to judge music and talk comics on Jonsey's Jukebox Jury with host Dave Navarro.

PRESS RELEASE: Rob Schrab, Joe Casey and Mark Sable to appear on "Jonesy's Jukebox"

Casey & Suriano Throw a

Casey & Suriano Throw a "Charlatan Ball" at Image

What happens when a bottom rung stage magician finds himself in a crazy realm where magic is very real? What doesn’t happen? Joe Casey and Andy Suriano answer those questions and more in Image's "Charlatan Ball."