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Murphy Gets Passionate with

Murphy Gets Passionate with "Punk Rock Jesus"

"Joe the Barbarian" & "American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest" artist Sean Murphy discusses his Vertigo series "Punk Rock Jesus," blogging, inking and being a professional.

Pipeline - 2/7/2012

Pipeline - 2/7/2012

This week's Pipeline begins with a look at "Joe the Barbarian," a 200-page low-blood sugar attack. Plus, an alternate vision for the comics industry, and what can the Wiggles teach comic creators?

Murphy Revisits

Murphy Revisits "Hellblazer"

Sean Murphy, the artist of "Joe the Barbarian," spoke with CBR about his return to John Constantine in "Hellblazer: City of Demons," the new edition of his creator-owned "Off Road" and the status of "Punk Rock Jesus."

Green Lantern, Captain America, Joe the Barbarian: July 27th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, Captain America, Joe the Barbarian: July 27th Comic Reel

The face of Sinestro revealed on poster! Hugo Weaving talks Red Skull and his Hydra connections. "Joe the Barbarian" to be a motion picture. Also, Nick Cave takes on "The Crow" and more.


EXCLUSIVE: "Joe The Barbarian" Film In The Works

ROBOT 6's Sean T. Collins spoke with Grant Morrison who's told us that his and Sean Murphy's Vertigo series "Joe The Barbarian" is headed to the big screen courtesy Thunder Road Pictures.

Grant Morrison's

Grant Morrison's "Barbarian"

In this, the first part of a two-part interview with comics superstar Grant Morrison, CBR News spoke with the writer who shed some light on the darkness surrounding his new creator-owned series from Vertigo Comics, "Joe the Barbarian."