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John Allison Revisits University Life in

John Allison Revisits University Life in "Giant Days"

The "Scary Go Round" creator discusses bringing another webcomic to print in an all-new series showing the challenges of dorm life.

"Bad Machinery's" John Allison Talks 15 Years of Webcomics, Looks to the Future

Creator John Allison discusses his decade-and-a-half of online comics, ending his five years on "Bad Machinery" and transitioning to print with Oni Press.

"Bad Machinery's" John Allison Opens "The Case of the Good Boy"

With a second print collection on the way from Oni Press, John Allison talks with ROBOT 6 about the past, present and future of his webcomic "Bad Machinery."

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Crafts John Allison's "Bad Machinery" Webcomic into Print

John Allison’s

John Allison’s "Bad Machinery"

Longtime web cartoonist John Allison talks about ending his long-running strip “Scary Go Round” and his new ongoing project “Bad Machinery,” featuring the unusual adventures of schoolchildren and footballers.