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EXCLUSIVE: Andy Kubert's

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Kubert's "Batman" #40 Cover and More From DC Comics

CBR has the exclusive reveal of a trio of covers from DC Comics, by artists Andy Kubert, Juan Jose Ryp and John Paul Leon.


EXCL PREVIEW: "Terminal" Brings John Paul Leon to "Detective Comics" #35

"Detective Comics" #35 begins a guest arc by Ben Percy & acclaimed artist John Paul Leon that puts Batman on a plane with dozens of dead bodies.

Busiek Looks Back On

Busiek Looks Back On "Astro City," Forward To Winged Victory’s Origin

Writer Kurt Busiek speaks to CBR about "Astro City's" return at Vertigo, his four-part Winged Victory story and the current superhero pop culture landscape.

Cover of the Week: August 28

Cover of the Week: August 28

This week sees an "Astonishing" band flier, a new I.D. for "Collider," an underwater attack in three parts, a devil in the Art Deco details and the face of Darkseid


EXCLUSIVE: Wood's "The Massive" Continues, Solicits & Covers Revealed

Dark Horse has provided CBR with solicit information for Brian Wood and Garry Brown's "The Massive" #16 and covers for #16, 17 & 18 along with an exclusive preview of Issue #14.

Cover of the Week - December 12

Cover of the Week - December 12

This week, Conan gets up close and personal, Guy Gardner gets surrounded, Logan gets ghostly, "The Massive" gets technical and the Marvel Universe readies for a battle royale.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Brian Wood's "The Massive" #2

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive preview of Brian Wood's "The Massive" #2. Wood, Kristian Donaldson and cover artists Rafael Grampa & John Paul Leon journey to the end of the world on July 11.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Rocketeer Adventures" #2

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Rocketeer Adventures" #2, in stores April 18 with stories by Paul Dini, Walt Simonson and more!


COMMENTARY TRACK: Lemire on "Animal Man" #6

"Animal Man" writer Jeff Lemire shared his insights and introspection with CBR's COMMENTARY TRACK, taking us behind the scenes of issue #6 and "Tights," the movie about Buddy Baker's life.


REVIEW: "Animal Man" #6

"Animal Man" continues to receive praise from CBR reviewers as Doug Zamisza gives issue #6 4 stars, saying Jeff Lemire's creepy superhero tale "continues to be an impressive, fun read."

The Reread Reviews:

The Reread Reviews: "Earth X"

Check out the return of Reread Reviews, where Chad Nevett takes an extensive look at comics he hasn't read in years. Readers chose this week's subject, Marvel's "Earth X."

Brian K. Vaughan On Ex Machina's Final Year

Brian K. Vaughan On Ex Machina's Final Year

With "Ex Machina" #40 on sale this week, Brian K. Vaughan opens up to CBR on the revelations awaiting he and Tony Harris' series, from the A-list creator cameos to the origin of Mitchell Hundred's powers.



The writer of Devil's Due's "Drafted," Mark Powers gives CBR readers an exclusive and in-depth commentary of the final issue of the 12-part sci-fi epic that sees the citizens of Earth drafted into an interstellar war we didn't start.

PRESS RELEASE: Comic Book professionals "Bringing Comics Back to Comic-Con"