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NBC Returning to John Rozum's

NBC Returning to John Rozum's "Midnight, Mass."

NBC, which first put "Midnight, Mass." into development in 2009, has again picked up the rights to John Rozum's 2002 Vertigo miniseries about world-famous husband-and-wife occult investigators.

Scott McDaniel Responds to John Rozum's Comments on

Scott McDaniel Responds to John Rozum's Comments on "Static Shock"

"Static Shock" artist Scott McDaniel responds to writer John Rozum's comments on leaving the New 52 title due to creative differences after a handful of issues.

John Rozum Explains His

John Rozum Explains His "Static Shock" Exit

"Xombi" writer/creator John Rozum explains why he left the recently canceled "Static Shock" after just 4 issues, saying he was "completely sidelined" when it came to contributing creatively to the DC Comics title.

NYCC: Marc Bernardin Pumps New Energy into

NYCC: Marc Bernardin Pumps New Energy into "Static Shock"

Today, DC Comics announced Marc Bernardin as the new writer of "Static Shock." CBR spoke with the incoming scribe about his big plans as Virgil Hawkins becomes acclimated to his new life in New York City.

Rozum Exits

Rozum Exits "Static Shock"

With only one issue on the stands, the co-writer of DC's relaunch of the iconic teen superhero "Static Shock" has opted to step off the book saying "My issues for leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics." UPDATED

Rozum, McDaniel and

Rozum, McDaniel and "Static Shock" Hit the Big Apple

Writer John Rozum and artist Scott McDaniel talk with CBR News about the elctromagnetic-powered star of "Static Shock," one of DC's September relaunch titles.

When Words Collide - 6/13/2011

When Words Collide - 6/13/2011

Tim considers how best to read certain serialized comics and spotlights recent books of interest like Paul Cornell's "Action Comics," Rozum and Irving's "Xombi," and Jeff Parker's "Thunderbolts."


REVIEW: "Xombi" #1

CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton gives "Xombi" #1 4.5 stars, praising the Milestone relaunch by original series writer John Rozum and artist Frazer Irving by saying, "this book is too good to be ignored."