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Ew, Gross: Scatology and Art in

Ew, Gross: Scatology and Art in "Prison Pit" & "Ant Colony"

ROBOT 6 considers the roles of viscera and body fluids in the latest offerings from Johnny Ryan & Michael DeForge.

Peter Bagge Discusses

Peter Bagge Discusses "Other Stuff," "Rebel Woman"

Cartoonist Peter Bagge discusses "Other Stuff," his new collection from Fantagraphics, incorporating humor and history in his work and collaborating with Alan Moore, Robert Crumb, Johnny Ryan and Daniel Clowes.

When Words Collide - 9/12/2011

When Words Collide - 9/12/2011

Tim talks with Johnny Ryan about the new volume of "Prison Pit" and gets into the important questions about narrative and craft, Captain Bligh and "Powr Mastrs" and the benefits of improvisation.

Ryan Goes To

Ryan Goes To "Prison"

Johnny Ryan has put aside the jokes and amped up the body horror with his new action-packed "Prison Pit." We spoke with Ryan about the new second volume in the series, its origins and how it relates to manga.


REVIEW: "Prison Pit Book Two"

Chad Nevett gave Johnny Ryan's "Prison Pit Book Two" a 5-star review, calling it "the sort of book you can’t put down even after you’re done; you just keep...admiring the stark viciousness that jumps off the page."