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Thought Bubble:

Thought Bubble: "2000AD" Creators Unite

Simon Davis, Ben Willsher and many more "2000 AD" creators joined forces at Thought Bubble 2014 to discuss the history and significance of the UK mainstay.

EXCLUSIVE: Worley & Davis-Hunt Unleash

EXCLUSIVE: Worley & Davis-Hunt Unleash "Age of the Wolf: Wolfworld"

Alec Worley & Jon Davis-Hunt deliver the final chapter of their "2000 AD" werewolf saga "Age of the Wolf," revealing to CBR why they chose to fast-forward the series 20 years in "Wolfworld."

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Worley Continues the

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Worley Continues the "Age of the Wolf"

Writer Alec Worley spoke to CBR about his ongoing "2000 AD" werewolf saga "Age of the Wolf" and the bias sci-fi and fantasy authors face. Plus an exclusive look at the next chapter.

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