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EXCLUSIVE: McLaughlin Spills on

EXCLUSIVE: McLaughlin Spills on "Youngblood's" 75th Issue

Writer John McLaughlin spoke with CBR News about penning the 75th issue of "Youngblood" for Image Comics and the conflict between new and old Shaft, plus, an exclusive preview of the landmark issue!.

Rob Liefeld Takes Aim At

Rob Liefeld Takes Aim At "Youngblood" #71

Creator Rob Liefeld explains why he couldn't stay away from his original Image creation as he teams with "Black Swan" writer John McLaughlin and artist Jon Malin for a twisted team in "Youngblood" #71.

"Black Swan" Writer McLaughlin Recruits "Youngblood"

John McLaughlin, screenwriter of "Black Swan" and the upcoming "Parker" starring Jason Statham, spoke to CBR about entering the world of comics with Rob Liefeld's Extreme relaunch.